TA using REGS Gym Facilities

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by KNAGGSY, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi all does anyone know of a militay Gym that STABS can use as in i want to use agym and not have to pay a membership fee !!!

    in the west/north yorkshire would be useful !!!!
  2. i do know that enslish is not my strong point sorry for spelling mistakes
  3. Try your local camp or speak to your psi , he may use one himself
  4. The TA may be buying corporate Gym membership (we will be all able to go for free)
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Any more details? They're going to have to negotiate with a lot of companies to get UK wide coverage. Or will it be a 1/4 MTD per week fudge?

  6. Been here before haven't we MSR?

    I think it would be a great recruiting feature - join the TA, free gym membership. I know there are a load of issues after that about getting people to use it but it's one way of trying to address the fitness issues.

    In answer to you KNAGGSY, there will be a gym at virtually every regular Camp or Garrison. W/N Yorks I can think of Catterick, Harrogate and Ripon off the top of my head. It's a question of where is nearest for you and whether you can get something sorted with the APTC there. As Polar says, try through your PSI, he may have a contact.
  7. I didn't say that, people are turning up for mobilisation unfit and you can't correct that quickly, so ways of helping the slob TA get fit are being looked at. For example, failing CFT twice could lead to administrative action but the new regime isn't as bad as that.

    You'll do your BPFA, get advised by you PTI (who will be trained far higher than they are now), they will advise a fitness programme which may be delivered by a Gym and then you do your CFT.

    What is being offered is very good but I'm tempted to think its a bit OTT, I smoke, I drink and I don't really exercise, but I know I won't fail my CFT cause I eat sensibly and walk a little (i.e. I don't use the car to goto the off license). I reckon some need to listen to Jamie Oliver or Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall more than the APTC(V)

    p.s. :lol: I didn't mention Hugh did I .... I'm turning into a lesbian/green
  8. Sorry polar, was referring to polar69's post.

    I know that there are moves to establish APTC(V), possibly an NRPS QMSI in each major unit. Every little helps as we all know we can't take 'slob TA' for remedial PT every day until he's fit enough.

    I do have a concern with the training of our APTIS. The course they do is a cut down course of the regular course. Designed to allow them to take a variety of exercises but, critically, not to assess a persons fitness and advise them how to put together a training program and work on areas of weakness in their own time.

    Well done to KNAGGSY for showing the initiative and trying to get the use of facilities which are provided to keep the army fit to fight.
  9. That is now the basic course, TA PTI's will shortly be fully trained via 2 other PTI courses and several weekend modules.
  10. That is now the basic course, TA PTI's will shortly be fully trained via 2 other PTI courses and several weekend modules.
  11. How much extra training is that going to take - I'm running out of in date PTIs as it is!