TA use of Vehicles for functions

Does anyone know when TA pers are allowed to use vehicles for functions, what constitues a function and what they can't be used for.

The same old story of "TA are not entitled......" blah blah blah is wearing a bit thin after coming back from being on Telic!!


p.s. as the forum says - "it's the same Army..."!!!!


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Ah, yes. The beloved 'one-concept Army'. My ARRSE.

I assume you are referring to White Fleet Vehicles. JSP 341 Chapter 2-5 refer, also TA Regs, Chapter 3 Part 11, but all it really says is 'look at JSP 341 or ask your MTWO!'

From recollection (cos I've had to deal with this before) TA Pers are not entitled to be transported solely for conveyance to or from a function, but obviously can be transported if for duty reasons (hint). Transporting wives/girlfriends/husbands/boyfriends etc is a massive no-no. I've got around this in the past by privately hiring a minibus & driver using non-public funds.
Thanks Bits, as I thought. I suppose I could always find a Regular and make him journey backwards and forwards - perhaps on an agreed qty of beers per trip basis???! Any takers??
Depends on the function - if its a mess type do, then it's generally a parade. Therefore a duty to attend, therefore must provide transport.
It all depends on what is for!

If its anything to do with fitness or sprting activity with other ta or regular personnel permission will normally be granted, in the past i have simply hired a minbus and split up the cost with others, but i shouldn't really have to do that...

has anyone else done anthing similar :?:
Good to see from the number viewing th post that I'm not alone in having these kind of problems.

Getting sick fed up in general of being told "The TA aren't allowed/entitled to...." everything from health (people being refused treatment by MRS because "They're not insured to treat TA"), to kit, to vehicles for functions.

It was fine when being sent off to Telic, happy to go and do my bit BUT I think having been there, we should be treated a bit more equally.


Couldn't agree more - I too get sick of being told that because we're TA we can't do this that and the other. Half the time the info is wrong anyway, but when the people who authorise things dig their heels in, the rest of us are stuffed.

Bits is right about the transporting of partners. I have had to pay from Mess funds for minibuses for a mess function where TA officers' partners were attending, while the Regt's white fleet sat idle in the TA centres. Apparently if they were the partners of regular officers that would have been OK - WTF is going on?

One Army - ha, ha.

Scary, glad to know you've had the same thing.

It sounds very petty, I'm the first to admint, BUT!!! It shouldn't be this way - these are the things that make for a better existence in a TA that otherwise is fast loosing it's appeal - MS implications (reporting to all levels), reducing MTD's, increasing demands, having to work most nights at home, etc.

Most people are willing to do all this (and more) - all we ask is a level playing field on things like transport, medical access (incl dental), pension, kit.

I know that most TA presonnel at SNCO or Officer level come up against all of this continually.

I believe that ACF mini-buses are insured for civilians as well as on-duty personnel.

Worth checking because if this is correct and if you can borrow one then problem solved.

Any ACF types who can confirm this?
In my mess we have it written into the standing minutes that we are entitled to transport once a month for a function at public expense.
We simply hire a coach now and incorporate the cost into the function.

Regular soldier plus partner is entitled to transport. TA/NRPS is not. Insurance is the name of the game, and it's too expensive to hire the white fleet for private use.
Gotta say that our PSAO is johhny on the spot with this. Just gives the driver a days pay or whatever and the key's to the mini bus. Job done. The blokes a gleaming set of scissors in the miriad world of red tape!
I was under the impression that it was Seniors & Officers who were entitled to transport for Mess functions, wether they be TA or Reg, but OR's were not. It is in the JSP's if you have the time/inclination to look - but off the top of my head I'm not sure which one.
Part of the problem is that partners of TA and NRPS are not covered by the military for insurance purposes. They're not allowed on the transport.

In the past we've hired a bus for the partners whilst the TA/NRPS Mess Members use the military bus, but even that seems to be facing restrictions.

Bottom line - if there's a crash, and someone is injured who should not have been on the minibus, then the Master Driver will focus on the senior person on the bus.

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