TA/USARNG Exchange, applied what happens next?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. I have applied, that is to say my PSI said my application was approved by the CO and forwarded.

    What happens next? Fingers crossed so firmly they are beginning to hurt.

    Thanks, Cardinal.
  2. You have to do it C1
  3. Cardinal,
    PM me with your service no. I'll check to see if we've received your application.
  4. Sending PM

    Thanks for checking
  5. Hope your wrong,

    My OC only said I have to do camp in UK as well. Thats fine even if I had to do it as C1.

    But if I were to do two camps and could only be paid for one, then I don't see why it couldn't be the US trip.

    Thats all supposing I get it anyway, its a longshot.

  7. Cardinal, your application was checked in last week.
    The likelihood of your being selected is high.

    The Exchange team are now preparing to negotiate the best skill/rank matches with the US so get the Briefing Day at RTMC in your diary for 10 Apr 2010.

    HQ LF guidance on the category of MTD to be used on the Exchange will be issued in due course.

    At the risk of bending a decent quote out of shape, you shouldn't believe the first arrser to answer to your question, he's usually just the fastest typer.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks, keeping everything crossed.

  9. Good luck with your application, I completed the exchange last year and went to Camp Grafton, North Dakota. Have to say it was a fantastic experience from start to finish, the whole process went smoothly and the training value is second to none. Any questions feel free to ask. As regards to pay, not an issue, I was paid for both camps and remaining MTDs that were available.
  10. Is that true or are you on a wind up?
  11. Suspect it's bo11ocks.
    My RAuxAF Sqn are getting one of our NCOs on an exchange with an Air National Guard unit in lieu of ACT - he's not known for his philanthropic tendancies so I seriously doubt he's doing it for love!
  12. It's a 'Waah!'
  13. I was told if I applied, I would only get C1 trg.

    I didn't apply, as my other half would've had to take unpaid time off work so that I could go.

    Refresh my memory - if an army is "professional" shouldn't it pay it's soldiers?
  14. Commanding Officers may manage their MTD budgets as they see fit and this includes limiting certain types of training to C1 status. However, Mr_Tracey's rather unhelpfully ambiguous implication that the Exchange has to be done as C1 is just plain wrong.

    No such rule exists as it is the view of this HQ that sending troops abroad for military exchange training on C1 is not good for either morale or the reputation of the Territorial Army.

    Redifibee, your CO has made his or her decision based on facts that neither you nor I are necessarily privy to and that decision must be respected.

    With regard to paying a professional soldier, C1 is here to stay because it enables a finite budget to be directed at core training without automatically ruling out more peripheral activities. It isn't perfect, I grant you, but it's a pragmatic tool in these austere times.

    Better luck next year.
  15. Wow, where were you when my English Coursework needed completing?! :D