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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JohnJorrocksMFH, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Is it possible for a TA recruitment officer to 'stretch' the rules as regards the maximum age of 43 for applicants without previous military experience?

    I'm only 4 months over the limit and am extremely keen to join, but of those units I've approached thus far one has said it won't take anyone over 35, the other said maybe, yes then no! Both these units were contacted by phone, I wonder if there's anything to be gained by showing up in person instead, what do you think?

    Although I have already posted on the main TA forum with a more general question regarding the max. age (Where I got some very helpful suggestions as regards other arms/units to try, including the Chelsea Pensioners! :D ), I thought this forum might reach a different pool of knowledge.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    In all honesty your best bet may be to apply to the cadets as an Adult Instructor - by all accounts they will rip your arm off!

    The line has to be drawn somewhere and 43 is where it has been drawn.

  3. the upper joining age limit is 45 for medical units, if you really want to get into green kit why not have a look at training as a medic
  4. PM me
  5. I am fast approaching my 45th birthday. Yes 45 and I have just been given a date for my medical for the RLC. Now I do have some previous as I was in the regulars in the 80s. But what I have been really chuffed about is the fact that I have been given credit not only for my regular service but also for the experience I have gained in the 20 odd years between then and now. I know I am a bit long in the tooth but I can still easily make the fitness and I have gained qualifications in management; training' teaching, first aid and loads of other relevant stuff. I dont want to tempt fate by going into detail before I pass the point of no fcuk off but I was wondering if anyone has thought about tapping into the large numbers of ex regs who are currently members of the emergency services like myself. There are loads of blokes who I know of who would love to make a contribution but feel they would not be welcome (even if they could get the ok from her indoors) as they think you need to be under 35.