TA Upper Age Limit - What is the DS answer?

I am considering career options for when I finally hand in the green suit in 2011 - because as the resettlement people say those last two years go very quickly!

However, I have sort of convinced myself (at the moment!) that I want to join the TA in the London/Home Counties area on completion of my Colour Service. I have contacted a couple of units to find out what the upper age requirement for an ex - Regular is (I will be 44) and have received two differing answers: the first from a ROSO(?) was 43 but "we will take ex - Regulars up to 45" and the second from an AO/Office Managery type person was "if you are over 43 you are too old, even if you are an ex - Regular." I am now a bit confused and having had a scan of several other unit's websites there appears to be quite a variation.

Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks




This is from TA Regs:

Revised TA Gp A Engagement
5.013. General
a. With effect from 1 April 2007, the maximum age for enlistment for TA Group A soldiers will be the day before their 43rd birthday. Soldiers will initially sign on for a 12 year engagement which, subject to their age, satisfactory performance, retention of medical fitness for role and vacancies appropriate for their rank and employment would be eligible for a further extension of 12 years. On completion of 24 years ’ service and subject the provisions outlined above, soldiers would be eligible to re-engage for periods of up to 6 years at a time until they reached the normal retirement age (NRA) of 55 years or the age specified for certain forms of employment in Annex C/5. (Subject to the provisions outlined above, soldiers over the age of 43 years on completion of their initial engagement will be offered a reduced engagement until they reach the age of 55 years or the age specified at Annex C/5.)

5.014. Ex-Regular Soldiers. Ex-Regular soldiers who enlist into TA Group A after their 43rd birthday will be granted a reduced period of engagement to enable them to serve until age 55 or the age specified for their employment in Annex C/5.

Disappointing that both were wrong.


Many thanks for the prompt reply. I shall use that as a reference now!

Kind regards


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