I'm looking to commission in the 1Bn Royal Scots after University and after a chat with my Desk Officer seems UOTC is the way to go as its a good mix of leadership skills and adventure training.

I am in the TA at the moment, Signals although I'm hoping to start training to join 4PARA. I was wondering if should I transfer if I would be able to skip MTQ 1 and MTQ 2, or certain elements of it. I have already passed selection for the TA Commissioning Course and completed half of it before buggering my foot.

Any help would be appreciated.

if you transferred then you would probably have to do all of the training. however, 4PARA might just say 'got to uotc' and then you would just do mtq2 and anyother preTACC training - then go get a commission, nice.

In reality you will probably learn more about soldiering in 4 Para.
OTC is a good laugh and a social experiment but if you're seriously looking for a life in the infantry then I’m not sure what benefit you will get long term...the RMAS commissioning course is a great leveller and OTC level experience will be overtaken in the first term.

If you actually want to achieve something with your military career and do want to pursue an infantry life then think long and hard about your choice of regiment.

Take a good long look at the operational deployments and you may spot a trend. Certain colour berets feature in the warfighting phases and the line infantry follow on....

By the time you finish uni get through a year at RMAS Iraq should be smouldering along like the Balkans is now and NI did from mid 90s. History is cyclical.

If i had my time again.. (cliché but true) i had to chose between 4para & Pcoy for summer leave or an OTC GPO cse & commanding a gun troop for a BSM PSI who offered loads of man trg days for the next 2 terms. being strapped for cash i took the OTC cse, 5 paid OTC days a week and massive spending power in the pub for my final year.

In the big scheme of things understanding how artillery works didn't give me a leg up at RMAS. Being a "Hat" in a county line inf regt, stagging on as type B lt role, in and out of NI, undermanned, no gucci attachents trips away, while my Reg mates clocked up the air miles to Kosovo, sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq...

I’ve clocked up plenty of air miles to the world’s shadier places since going across to the dark side but….

Your first 5 years commissioned service are the best time you will have. roulementing through the arse end of Iraq in 2008 with an amalgamated bunch of jocks, gurkhas and fijians while the lads are getting stuck in on CNN....

Give it some thought...
Did you miss the big to-do about a number of Jocks losing their individual capbadges...

Parry, if you want to carry on learning military skills don't join the OTC - it's a student club with an element of army training, if however you want to be in a unit comprised entirely of students with a military interest then join... which OTC would you be joining?
escape_artists_never_die said:
which OTC would you be joining?
Ahh, reading comprehension, an advert for Stirling. You sure you're not an Android? :) He's based in Edinburgh, it says so in his profile. Fortunately, so are 1RS.

Parry, if you want to know about CEUOTC from a ground floor view, you might want to talk to BigJobs or Celticwarrioress......if you want good advice on the ins and outs of TACC in Scotland, trying PMing abacus....

PS Regards to Robbo at 4 PARA......

PPS You could always talk to East Claremont Street - they're TA Royal Scots, and always on the lookout for Pl Comds
escape_artists_never_die said:
If you are suggesting i am a member of A Squadron TUOTC
Gracious no, the big "C" (and everyone who's been to Belize suddenly sits up at that comment) would tend to indicate Stirling, as I suggested......

Regards to Domhnall, or however he's spelling it these days :) :)
I doubt they will make you do MTQ1 and 2. If you've reached the stage where you've started TACC, then I can't see that happening. They'll probably have you in the unit for a while and when you've satisfied them you're not a complete numpty, they'll send you off to TACC again. Why not stay TA and get some proper officer experience before going into the regs?
I would be joining CEUOTC, thanks Gravebelly I'll check those guys out.

Just like to amend something that pissed someone off in another topic, I'm training to join 4PARA not actually in yet. Anyway I've been discussing the Army Bursary and apparently joining the UOTC is a requirement? Does anyone know anything about this?
Parry said:
Anyway I've been discussing the Army Bursary and apparently joining the UOTC is a requirement? Does anyone know anything about this?
TA or OTC. One of my mates in my TA unit is a reg bursar and is going for a TA comission.
Ah ok cool, been niggling me for a while and my Desk Officer is on leave so I couldn't ask him, thanks.
Parry said:
...... and my Desk Officer is on leave so I couldn't ask him, thanks.
What the hell is all this "Desk Officer" mullarky? Aren't you a student trying to make up his mind between TA sigs, 4para or the OTC?

Are you referring to Desk Officers at Glasgow Manning and Records?

Its a bit early for that isn't it? In my day, Desk Officers were for sad, thrusting, career-centric captains at RD or the overlooked SO3 and up who's been posted away...

Get a life - not a Desk Officer
Right Skiddlys...it was the Col who referred to himself as a Desk Officer looking after me or whatever so don't get umpty at me go find something else to nit pick over.

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