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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Ed_Straker, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Blimey chaps we are taking a bit of a pasting on the Just TA site about the state of our troops turning up at RTC and the lack of trainers.

    I blame 3 MI myself. But saying that 54 get a special mention. Where are they I get confused.
  2. They only get to wear trainers if they have a biff chit.
  3. OK I'll bite.

    What I meant to say was a lack of willing soldiers able to instruct at RTC and a lack of uniform (possibly including trainers, definitely shirts and trousers)
  4. I've been waiting ages to do this, please don't spoil it for me.

  5. I am quite surprised by quite how vitriolic some of the comments are on this thread in the TA forum.
    Now I can understand that the PBI may be getting a bit pissed off with a perceived RTC burden, however (as stated), when I went through the process, I was grateful to be instructed in basic soldiering skills by infantrymen. In the same way, the RAMC BCD instructor carried more weight than a scaley, similarly the CBRN instructor with related civvy experience carried more weight than others.

    My point being that although we are all meant to have the same basic soldiering ability sometimes perception is as important as ability in terms of providing training and as the RTCs ultimate role is to provide the best training possible, perhaps talk of turning away recruits (sorry SUTs) until 3 MI send some DS is a bit childish.

    Anyway, as Ed stated they are kicking off.
  6. It does seem odd that people are prepared to risk operational readiness for their own units' administrative convenience, doesn't it? I'm sure it's a pain for a - what, 300-strong? - TA infantry battalion to find instructors, but it's for damn sure easier than for a 100-or-so-strong MI battalion with a swingeing mobilisation commitment.

    Still, my STAB days were 1975-77, so no doubt things have changed and I'm just a superannuated old retired ARAB who doesn't understand why this is such a matter of excitement for the Volunteers.

    Surely to Christ if there's a requirement for people to do basic training the ATRs could do something? I did my TA basic over several weekends, an annual camp and a two-week cadre at the PoW Div Depot.
  7. I think that there are a few individuals with a sad on with MI in particular, I know for a fact that 3 MI has provided DS on an ad-hoc basis and that an Officer has been seconded to that RTC. I have also read the reports from the RTC and believe me, other London based units don't send DS every weekend. As I said certain persons have decided to make MI their whipping boy.
  8. I may have stirred the pot a little ....

    By mistake for once!
  9. BTW I don't really blame 3 MI or 5 MI for that matter.

    Couldn't agree more, why pick on us considering that you could probably fit both Bns on a bendy bus and a Coy weekend is lucky to muster 15 souls, not much left there.
  10. And imagine the whining when my brief gets a bunch of them killed, and my response is "Never mind, I'm really, really good at training recruits !"

    Bring back Trg Coy (V) ! Er, well, thinking of all the Walty nutters who got shunted there, maybe not.

    Things are dire though, we made it into double figures attendance at the last weekend, woohoo ! Then I look at the orbat, all the new roles, ask the PSI when we get to play with the new systems, listen to his hollow laughter ... Remind me, why do I do this again ?

    Never mind, with the Russians playing up the Army might need someone who remembers what a BMP is, the youngsters all look blank when you ask them.
  11. Divertimentiki.

  13. To be doctrinally accurate maskirovka is the appropriate word.
  14. I couldn't have put it better - thank you.

    I got all indignant and kicked off on the other thread with several replies. Should have written the salient points down first then posted - but this is arrse...

    One of the strange; your BMP comment made me laugh - how true :D
  15. OOTS

    Naturally I bow to your subject matter knowldge but I thought "Divertimentiki" was getting the enemy (sic ) to look elsewhere; Maskirova was hiding ones efforts.

    Little while ago here I gained Spotter Brownie /nerd points doe being able to tell the diff between a 2S1 and a 2S2...