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  1. Hi, I'm waiting to join the TAAMS National Unit in Strensall. I was wondering if my work committments lessen, is it possible to transfer to a regional unit or will I have to go through the application procedure again?
  2. No you should be fine. The CVHQ staff will be able to confirm suitable vacancies within the regionally recruited AMS units and assist your transfer. A lot however, will depend on where you live and your ability to travel.
  3. Certainly a possibility.
  4. Join 203, I'll look after you my lovely :twisted:
  5. Where's 203?
  6. Welsh Wales

    bit of a bus trip for ya
  7. Just a bit, but then so is Strensall! 19 days a year easy. 27 days, need to be local.
  8. But I'll look after you..........honest, just ignore the restricting orders against me, I'm OK really :roll:
  9. I think with his qualification, he'll be looking after you Dui-Lai !

    keep taking the tablets :wink:
  10. HE, HE I thought it was a female nurse! :oops:
  11. You always think they are female, that's where the trouble starts. It will all end in tears, mark my words!
  12. Yes, I am female!!!! LMAO!

    As he rubs his hands with glee and a wicked smile appears on his lips :twisted: