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Probably going to join TA quite soon but can't seem to decide WHO to join.
Local units are a platoon of 52nd Lowland and 105 AD Reg RA (v). There is also a sigs unit nearby but (and no offence to the scaleys) I don't really fancy them.
Anybody know much about either mob?
Bad or Good?
Oh, and honest personal opinions. I'm not mad keen for sales pitches! :p
105 is Scottish & Ulster combined regiment.  Obviously there is a lot of friendly! rivalry between the two though they aren't a bad bunch on the whole.  There is any amount of man training days available - something most TA units can't say - rare to get a weekend where there isn't something going on.

2003 will be particularly busy as 105 is, amongst many other things, converting from Javelin to HVM next year.  Is the unit near you a fighting troop or HQ Battery in Edinburgh (that's a different matter entirely)?

Downside is there is a lot of time taken up these days on equipment care as detachments become more and more laden down with kit (DED/ADAD etc) which has to be maintained (obviously).

Anything else you want to know?

105 in Edinburgh is pants, only plus side is it's close to the OTC, though you will have to run the gauntlet of Redford BArracks from time to time.

52 lowland are ok, though you do have the option of 51 Highland (A (Black Watch, RHR ) Coy pl in Kirkaldy just across the bridge - they are a hybrid (feeder) platoon of support weapons and rifle platoon - a much better mob if i do say so myself!!
Edinburgh's a bit of a trek- I'm equidistant between 207 Bty in the Crow Rd and HQ Coy 52 Highland.
I'm actually within spitting distance of 4 PARA- but I'm a bit B.A Baracus when it comes to plane type nonsense.
Also, can I be nosey and ask about the attitudes of your other halves?
Are they supportive or has anyone got a missus (or otherwise) who's not mad keen for it?
They are very supportive, as they get a weekend away from you , can go shopping, watch dross have a good time, without you banging on about "How much did that cost" etc etc.

They remain supportive, right up until the moment they realise women are serving in the unit too... :(

But they remain strangely excited, when you get back covered in mud, old cam cream and smelling fit to knock the street flat, so I guess overall they are supportive  ;D
Aha - know the crow rd mob well from days of old (lots of ex Glasgow OTC types lurking there) - mad as cheese the lot of them.  

You are not far from either of the TA Argyll Coy locations then - Dunbarton and Cumbernauld - a bit classier than the RHF (scary jocks the lot of them!) and no i'm not biased, though i did have a jock commute from Glasgow to Perth so that he could wear a lovely red hackle and soldier in a civilised Scottish Regt!

As to the missus - not very supportive as she doesn't like the idea of me buggering of to dunny places and getting shot, anthrax, etc......though saying that she doesn't mind spending the bounty each year..hmmph.
Cheers l_g-will let you know in due course. Leaning towards 207 but, itchy as they are, I do have a secret preference for a TOS.
As for the missus-she holds similar but possibly more extreme views to yours. But I have patiently explained to her that she's got her things to do and I've got mine  ;)
All I have to do is talk her out of me waiting till I finish uni till I join! ;D
One last question-any of you juggling kids in all of this too? How do you find it?
Juggling Uni - go to OTC, less bounty, but you will wear a TOS and get access to Inf, Arty, RE and Sigs, + you will not get fucked about come exam time by som hairy arsed cpl demanding your attendance - also OTC gets access to better adventure training and some pretty good courses.
They only let you in if you've got at least two years left and I've only got one.
The missus reckons I should wait till final year's out of the way then apply. I only wish I was blessed with her patience/common sense!
Anyway, saw some of the chicks walking round campus in C95, stable belts and rugger tops.
Rugged the lot of 'em! :p
Well that's changed since i was there!  Hope the birds have improved though......if you decide to go for a commission then you'll end up at the OTC anyway.
l_g, I COULD conceivably commute to Dumbarton.
It would be paid for anyway? what have they got up there? and are the RHF types really that scary? Ah, so many questions.
Also, is it just me or is the TA site a bit basic?
TA site will be changing in the new year, whole new look to it will be much better designed - have a look at http://www.tamedical.co.uk for an idea of how it will be laid out.

RHF  - very scary bunch of nutters......especially if your english  ;)

Dunbarton is a platoon of Argylls (or was last time i was there)

PM me your questions and i will try to answer as many of them as i can.
Just to tip in my satndard bit about the local unit of my glorious corps when someone asks this question ;D

Don't forget the Engineers.

102(C) Fd Sqn (Air Support) are based in Paisley. As well as all the usual field engineering (building bridges and blowing things up mainly) they specialise in Air Support which involves constructing harrier sites and tactical fuel handling equipment.

and if you fancy a suntan courtesy of the gov't Engineer units tend to do a three year rotation of one camp in the UK and 2 camps overseas, I've spoken to a mate in 71 Eng Regt (The regt 102 are part of) and next year they will be on camps in America and Ascension Island, The america camp is apparently an annual event which is rotated through the three field squadrons.

not to mention that if you're after a bit of action in the next year or so, 71 have to be contenders for call up, not only are they field engineers but they are 1 of only 3 air support regt's, so they have twice the chance of getting to mix it than the normal general support regt's.

just my two pennorth but if youre intrested in the sappers either private message me or send an email to the address below and I can give you some more specific info.

merry xmas

Right, am currently jotting me Q's down. Mail'em pronto(ish) l_g.
Humph- cheers for info. Tempting though your lot may be, I'm a bit strange in that I used to quite like running around with a bergan on my back!
Whether I still have the legs for it...... :p
To Humph:   I thought 71 (Scottish) Engr Regt (V) had completely disbanded.   Obviously not!   Can you update me (by email?) on the current status?

To Hairy:   choice of unit depends on what you want out of the TA.   Inf or Arty are obviously the foremost 'teeth' and you'd probably be doing something very different from your civvy job.   However I've had Inf TA complain to me that weekend trg is very 'samey' - i.e living in holes in the ground every weekend.   Engrs and Sigs get, IMHO, more variety and 'technical' problems.   As to working around family commitments, a warning:  a former OC of mine put in lots of time with the TA but eventually decided that he wanted to see more of his kids.   However, he hadn't noticed that, by then, the kids had grown into teenagers and didn't want to see much of dad at the weekends.

If that becomes a problem, there are TA Specialist Teams that have a much-reduced commitment, provided you have a professional skill that they can use.

Best of luck.
the role of the unit might be the same all year round but it doesnt mean the training has to be, last year the troop that i am a PSI with did loads of stuff other than their normal technical maintenance, again if the training is boring its either down to one of two things and thats PSI imagination of lack of ;) or unit budget.

My troop tends to try to mix as many normal weekends with other weekends that are planned to actually give them not only a borader experience of what the rest of the Army does but also to try to broaden their skill levels in other stuff, even if they may never use it again.

Training shouldnt be boring no matter what it is, it can always be free lanced to include a bit of fun, but i suppose that depends on how boring the unit want to be :D


Probably going to join TA quite soon but can't seem to decide WHO to join.
Local units are a platoon of 52nd Lowland
Wild guess, that's the Assault Pioneer Platoon at Motherwell..... good bunch, spent some time there after they'd rebadged from Cameronians to KOSB, just before SDR.

OC is/was a good bloke.

PS No, they aren't RHF :( :(

Of course, if you're a real masochist, pop into the Hamilton TAC, and join the hillwalkers.....

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