TA units? which, why and how?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spider, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Right, I've recently started getting fit, and have been for a while thinking very seriously about joining the TA. I'm 26 and haven't done any serious training atall in around 8 years. When I was 17 went for and passed the RM PRC but never followed it up for other reasons. Couple of things I'd like advice on, I have received info from 4 Para about what they do etc but can anyone tell me what exactly it's like? I live in the North East and there is a Para unit, fusilier and a RMR unit all nearby, which, and why, one would anyone recommend? And has anyone done the selection for UKSF Reserve? As for fitness levels, how fit do you need to be before you join the TA/any of these units? all info much appreciated!
  2. All the units you mention iam sure are fine units and anyone of them would be worth joining .My msin consideration would be distance between the TAC and home/work it might be ok now travelling 1-1/2 hrs each way but do you wanna keep it up every parade night over the coming years ?
    also fitness levels required in RMR and 4Para will be higher than the fusiliers ..and as for UKSF i would put it on backburner till you measured your self in a regular (as regular as TA is) unit before moving on if thats what apeals to you
    and espeacilly as you have a few doubts over fitness
  3. I did a combat survival course with a few 23 (TA SAS) lads and they will make selection sound easy but it most certainly isn't, none of them seemed to have full time jobs as the commitment level was so high - involves a lot of training overseas and of course deployment in support of the regular army. As far as fitness goes they are on par with a regular Para's that's what these guys said (opinions may differ). I read a good book not so long back called 'The Quiet Soldier' by Adam Ballinger, it's a true story about a guys journey through TA SAS selection might be worth a look.

    I served in Iraq with a few TA fusiliers and the majority of them are a good bunch of lads and apparently its a good stepping stone if you want to join 23 as they train with them from time to time.

    {MOD Edit: I have added the book's author}
  4. If your looking for something not quit as physical, but with probably the greatest opportunity for mobilisation in the TA have a look at;

    25 Military Intelligence Coy
    Napier Armoury
    NE8 4HX
    01904 644 046

  5. Thanks for the advice, I definitely am intent on attaining a high level of fitness, just wondering how fit do you recommend I am before I apply/join? and how long is it, after joining a unit, before you get to qualify to wear 'green beret', para wings, etc basically qualify as a trained soldier?
  6. msr

    msr LE


    The best thing is to go and visit each unit. See how you get treated, as I suspect that will be a direct reflection of the quality of the sub-unit and its treatment of potential recruits.

    In fact, you might even like to post up what was good and what wasn't, following your survey ;)

  7. msr, good idea, will do.

    Judging by the things other people have posted about other TA units, people not showing up, shite training weekends etc, it sounds like things like paras or marines is sounding the most professional, but obviously i don't know jackshite about other units near me so will endeavour to find out more before I begin to slag off anyone else!

    One more thing for anyone who knows, if you join the TA Paras how many times/opportunites are there to jump out of planes?!
  8. I think the RMR course is about a year with 4 Para taking 6-9 months. About 9 -12 months for UKSF(R).
    This is, of course, assuming you are fit enough to pass everything in one go, don't get injured etc.
    The comments about the commitment required for 23 Selection are very accurate; holding a full time job is well-neigh impossible.
  9. There is a shortage of planes to drop paras out of at moment so can be while to do jumps course .If thats your thing better do it as a civi may be few and far for a while .
  10. DON'T WHATEVER YOU JOIN THE SIGNALS!!!!! JUST DON'T!!!!!!! (especially 2 nc bde)

    and before anyone asks thats my current unit outdated role, outdated kit, shoite training, rant over
  11. Someone put your nose out of joint WNB? ;-)
  12. Just out of interest why?

    I just started enquires with the sigs in Leeds, it looks ok is there something I was missing here? Its them or the gunners I didn't fancy the infantry
  13. ^ Don't take any notice of him windin, he's probably p!ssed...he usually is when I've been with him...
  14. signals depends on the brigade 2 (national communications) bde equals no overseas annual camps, poor trade training (still undecided wether we are are in a bunker waiting for the nuclear apocalypse or waiting for al queida (sp), training for a role where you will never be deployed (london 7/7 2bde deployed.... er no) also the signals mentalty of trying to be warry and infantry like when were not.