TA Units to sponsor TA forum

Just thinking - why don't units dip into their recruiting budget to sponsor the TA forum?

The following units have been mentioned recently:

RAF Reserve
HAC (more than once)
4 PARA (many times)
63(V) Sigs
37 Sigs
36 Sigs
38 Sigs

rates from: advertising@arrse.co.uk

HAC - because most of the time it is other Regts slaggin us off! :D

Seriously I will ask.


I think that may well be a bridge too far. I can't see the RFCAs (or equivilant bubgrt holders) signing up to that.

Nice ideas though.
What sort of price are we talking about?

I know many CO's / OC's read this forum.

Its a great sort of free advertising in its current form.

Greetings MSR - I'm back in the real world
Can't see units going for it to be honest it would give arrse an air of legitimacy which with all the unit slagging's might not work, that and the fact that anyone who posts anything contreversial (sp) is then subject to a friendly game of hunt the arrser!!!

With reference to my previous post, many CO's / OC's read anyway. It doesn't take a halfwit to follow a thread and work out its it about them or their unit and who is back stabbing.
If you read some of the puerile b@llocks posted here by members of SOME units, I'd expect a big AVOID note....
Anyone who is interested in advertising on the site should drop us a line at advertising@arrse.co.uk. As for bad publicity, I didn't think such a thing existed?

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