TA Units near Northampton

I'm in the TA and I may be moving to Northampton soon. I'm aware of the units that are based there but are they any good? Would anyone recommend their unit? I'm currently in the infantry but I might take the opportunity for a 'career change'.

If I do move I'll be visiting a few units to see for myself but in the meantime I'd appreciate any recommendations / comments. I'd consider anything in a 25 - 30 mile radius of Northampton.

Of course there's always 89 Signal Squadron which is based in Rugby.

A much more civilised way of doing things all round (and an excellent bunch too!)
supermark500 said:
If you're infantry there is E company 7 Rifles in Milton Keynes or you could try 1 (RBY) RSigs in Bletchley, Milton Keynes if you want a change.
In Northampton there are the Spanner Monkeys of 118 Recovery (V) Regt REME. But for those more intune with G3 Stabbing and Strangling is 7 Platoon 3 R Anglian an excellent Pl, Pl Comd new in. As a Pte in the Pl you will have fun if you are an NCO then there will be plenty of opportunities.

Any further info PM me

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