TA Units in Southampton

Can anyone tell me what TA units there are in the Southampton area? There used to be a really good search facility on the army website, but I can't find it any more.
Wellllllllllllllll I was going to say there is a tiptop website created by His Imperial Evilness Dr Evil and assorted cohorts at


But, we're not on it :x yet, but considering that its one kean overworked volunteer sticking it together I'm not complaining (else Dr Evil will send his jet pack monkeys after me)

In the mean time I can tell you that currently resident at Blighmont TAC are

457 (Hampshire Yeomanry) Battery RA(v)
266 (Southampton) Port Sqn RLC(v)
A Troop, 63 Sqn R Signals(v)
Det 135 Geo RE(v)
Det 253 Provost Coy RMP(v)

PM me for any further info

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