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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LordVonHarley, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    I'm looking to join a TA unit in South London.
    I have sent off for information from the internet site for the London area this morning but I'm also looking for a bit of impartual advice.
    My military experience is the same as a pickled egg (none, zero, nothing .... well ok, Boy Scouts) but I'm a quick learner, in good health and very keen.
    I was thinking RA or Engineering, any advice?

  2. 265 Bty RA (V) are in Grove Park
    71 Sig Regt (V) in Bexleyheath
    101 Engr (EOD) Regt (V) in and around the area too

    When you say South London, which area specifically?
  3. Cheers Fivetodo. Spot on, they are the three nearest to me (Greenwich Borough).
    I like the look of 101 Engineering and 265 Bty RA. Are there any members here who can let me know what they are like.
    As the TA are a tad under manned where would I best be of use?
  4. They are all under manned, however it shouldnt be about where you could best be used, it should be about where you will feel most at home ;)

    Now would you prefer Air Defence using FSC in conjunction with 16 Regt RA at Woolwich or would you prefer to get involved in EOD with the Royal Engineers and hopefully deploy to some far off land with their EOD teams?

    Lots of questions, but only you have the answer :D
  5. I cannot speak for RA or any other TA unit in S London, but 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD) (V) is a pretty good bunch. Don't expect to charge round building bridges; they concentrate on EOD, but there are plenty of supporting trades too - sigs, driver, plant operator etc - they have a REME element as well as an AGC detachment, if hitting things with hammers or "developing penmanship" skills is your bent. If EOD is just the very ticket for you, don't expect to make lonely walks in a hurry - getting qualified is a long term business, although there are short cuts to the TA modular process simply by attending regular courses (if there are slots and you can put in the time*). - Having said all that - 101 played an active EOD role in GW2 both at home and in places sandy; some came home not just to tea, but also to gallantry medals. But the best thing is - you get paid to blow stuff up! What more could a bloke want?

    * They will not accelerate promotion - always read the label.....
  6. You have wet my appetite, are you the recruiting bod for the 101 per chance? :lol:
    Do you know how long it takes to get trained up? I mostly work on short contracts at the moment (in IT) so freeing up time for courses should not be a problem.
  7. Lord VH, no, cannot claim that I am, but let's just say I was involved on the training side until 18 months ago - but have now left to sit on my small rock (see location). Probably the best thing to do is contact the unit via here:
    You sound like you have the time on your hands to achieve your aims - but I remind you that becoming EOD qualified (3 levels: basic (Sapper/LCpl), intermediate (Snr L/Cpl/Cpl) and Advanced SNCO/Offr) can be a long process, bearing in mind the other "stuff" you will need to get through - Basic Soldier Training, (Officer Training? with your handle you may have talent - you do not hold your knife like a pen, have no ability whatsoever to read a map, can host posh grown ups at cocktail parties without vomiting over Lady Fitzwilliam-Fossington-Smythe or whoever etc) annual tests, and so forth..
    I know of one fella who in 2.5 years did get to basic soldier AND EOD level, get his driving licence, as well as attending a free fall jumps course (in California) and a Unit Adv Training trip sailing around the Caribbean - he did have a lot of time on his hands though.....
    For a lively sub unit (I don't know your location, but it might be within reach) try 221 Sqn here:
    http://www.221eodsqn.co.uk/index_2.htm Any road up, good luck - just think what your aims are - if you can put consistent time in, you will achieve them, whilst 'aving a right old giraffe. Cheers.
  8. Cheers Staaken, Looks good. Started to get the info through the post today. Lots to choose from! I think I will be spending a few Tuesday evenings checking out units.
  9. Also RMP TA in Tulse Hill...
  10. If you're adventurous - Royal Marine Reserves on Jamaica Road.
  11. Also looking at the London Scottish.
  12. 4 PARA mortars in Croydon...
  13. Would I be issued a flowery dress and wig?*

    If I join one unit in London can I transfer to another if I move?

    *Sorry I have a friend in 42 who started dressing up after joining 8O
  14. ...and let's not forget 31 Sigs... If you're nr Greenwich then you can hop on the M25 and whizz round to Coulsdon, or onto the A205 and down to Southfields... or how about the Fusiliers in Balham... Bloody Hell! SO many options... I wish I'd checked on here before joining the 1 Sqn (the Potato Peelers), Queens Own Auxiliary Kitchen Spatulas.
  15. Infantry
    C (City of London Fusiliers) Company in Balham
    Again, part of the Londons

    But only if you haven't been sucked in by all the hard-sell above :wink: