TA Units in South Durham/ Tees area for oldies

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Sgt_Smutty, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if any units Darlo/Teesside area will accept 38 year old, ex TA (9 yrs in LI and RMP)?

    Done years of trogging and driving but miss the green stuff after few years out. Can't keep up with the number of units being binned around here, so hope the laddos can let me know which ones are taking new bods. MOD website hopeless.

  2. Christ, thought they'd be driving bin lorries by now, no info on MOD site about age restrictions - any ideas?

  3. msr

    msr LE

    You need to be attested before your 43rd birthday.

    Best you go along to your local units(s) and speak to them.

  4. Ta MSR

    Thanks for the attestation info.

    I know 43 is quoted for some units as the upper age limit, but it's finding out which ones will accept an old lag.

    It's also difficult getting hold of info about units when half of them are being binned - was gonna try 34 Sigs at Darlington but apparently they're for the chop (ARRSE is the only place publicising this) and not taking bods on.

    So I thought I'd ask the lads and lasses on here.
  5. See thread by Fagbrew MI Recruiting in North East for contact Number or pm him.

    53 MI Det at Coulby Newham' is just starting up, but Coy will look at older 'recruits'.

    They've also got a det in Gateshead. Coy HQ in York contact PSAO on 01904 644046 for an informal chat.
  6. I think that you will find that 50 Sqn (Darlington) have not been axed but are now, or soon to be, under 32 Sig Regt.

    Don't know if they are recruiting though?

  7. Ah right. I'll pop along on Tuesday night then, cheers.
  8. Chap,

    Maybe a bit of a late post looking at the thread but anyway....

    It's a bit further to travel but there are quite a few options in the Gateshead area. I'm 36 and currently hoping to join 72 RE who are based up there. Medical paperwork from GP has just been dispatched.

    There is also a REME unit in Newton Aycliffe amongst others.

    Guess it depends what you are looking for?