TA units in Hull ? Im your bitch

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Having seen the review of the reserves and working out that I Cpl polar69 46knife fork and spoon, am now persona non gratia to the Royal Signals...I am now offering my bum out to the highest bidder, and TA units in Hull or East Yorkshire in need of an ex Cold War warrior ?
  2. A (Fsp) Coy 4 YORKS - GPMGs or Javelin your thing? Get down there today!
  3. 150 Tpt Reg RLC was/is based in Hull if "lorries" are your thing.
  4. I know that the REME unit in Scunny are always on the look out for Dvr/Rad Ops. As stated above, so are 150 in Hull.

  5. But with the REME and RLC you won't get to train to use Javelin and even fire it! On a computer simulator
  6. Or hump it about like a simulated pack animal! :wink:


  7. Man-Packing kit is for men! Women love men with a big Tube.
  8. I think you that you should apply to transfer to 3 PARA mortars! Your barely concealed homo-erotic posturing should fit right in. :lol:

  9. Bah! Enough of your Tube-bashing.

    Polar, if you want to Bayonet Terry in the Face (stag on at Camp Bastion) , get more GPMG range days than you can shake a stick at (and spend 4 hours cleaning them), and become more attractive to the Opposite sex (no sarcastic remark required - 4 YORKS are DAMNED sexy fighting beasts) then A Coy 4 YORKS is for you sir!
  10. You could always go Airborne and get hyourself down to 299 Para RE at Calvert lane.

    Tuesdays nights - See 299 Para on the forum for more info.

  11. I hear that the Sally Army in Hull have a spare tambourine that needs banging.

    "Big Issue!"

    Well you didn't expect anything else mate did you?
  12. Why don't you become an adult instructor in the Cadet force? Providing you manage to get a CRB check.

    As a Cpl, you probably wouldn't fit in with a transport regiment unless you are 50 or pregnant.
  13. You forgot to mention you would prefer to join a unit that pays lip service to MATTs training!! :D :D
  14. I'm impressed, you actually admit to coming from Hull!

    I would suggest if you want to do some real soldiering then the RE Comd Sqn would be a good starting point!
  15. #

    Your my bitch now, Hull will not close.