TA units in Germany ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Are there any TA units in Germany, not ones on annual exercise who are lost but ones there permanantly ? The wife is a student nurse and apparently there are jobs for nurses in the Fatherland ( but not in the UK )
  2. Yes. There is an Amphibious Troop RE at Hameln which is part of the local RE unit there.

    I imagine you would have to be Toffee to join. There may also be individual posts at ARRC or UKSC(G) at Rheindahlen but I don't have any details.
  3. 412Tp 28 Engrs , Ta troop . been around for 10 years ! And We´ve got all capbadges join our merrry band , even R.A. !!! And were on full recruting at the moment , trying to bump the troop up to 90+. Come and play on the rigs and get paid for it :)
  4. Really? I phoned 'em last year, and was told they had a waiting list with more than 18 guys on it.

    I'd be very interested to hear more.
  5. If your thinking of going out there, the DCSA has a number of IT jobs that might take your fancy. Your wife could probably get a job (once qualified) with British Forces Health Service. Alternatively you could both move to Leeds and gain a better salary.

    p.s. Leeds has a large number of IT medical jobs, the RSigs underground (all types) is working hard in this field to help other scallies.
  6. that was last year ,, now were pushing for new guys . or girls ..
  7. Sounds good, I'll have to give them a ring.
  8. Cheers Polar, will my IBM training in iseries and unix be an advantage ?
  9. Probably, had a small chat about the 'NHS IT' job market in Leeds with one of our Sgts, the following week he was in a new job.

    Only had a few dealings with DCSA(G), they seemed to be Microsoft Borg implmenting every security measure that MS recommend. However they are a lot more flexible than organisations such as EMS, who seem to be more keen than at making cash than providing a service.