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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cowboy_Bob, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. My TA Mojo is all but run out and I'm looking to transfer units.
    I've been looking on line but need more of a human touch to help me decide who to transfer to.

    I'm open to offers and advice to get my mojo going again.

    So far I have a blank canvas.

    Thanks in advance.

    (Ducks and takes cover)
  2. What is your current role?
  3. You can pretty much take your pick.

    Scots Tpt Regt will have RLC Drivers, Comms Specs and Chefs.

    52 MI Coy will have OPMIs.

    E Sqn 205 Fd Hosp will have Medics, Nurses, etc.

    105 Regt RA have 105mm light gunners.

    There are REME Dets at the RLC and RA.

    oh and there's the band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland if you can play the pipes...
  4. ...or you could always go National!
  5. Aren't most Scottish units national anyway?
  6. Oi - keep the politics out of this...
  7. Heh what do I know ... I'm English :)
  8. That's the military band (brass n' wind instruments n' stuff) not a pipe band. Good mob, and extremely good musicians (with a 90%+ FFR rate a few years ago)...

    And if you aren't already 6 SCOTS, you could always go infantry (seeing as someone has already mentioned 4 PARA).
  9. A Coy 4 Para is definitely worth contacting mate and Edinburgh has some great blokes.

    In the past I would say that most Recruits were fresh off the street with no experience, but more recently because of cutbacks in training etc, there have been a lot of lads that have lost there TA mojo and transfered over.

    Next cadre you would be eligible for is around June I believe, so plenty of time to come in and have a look around, then work on your fitness if you decide its for you.

    PM me if you want to arrange a chat with the PSI.
  10. What Spenny siad well worth a look.
  11. If you fancy something a bit more 'blue sky' there's 603 Sqn RAuxAF.