Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by chimera, May 7, 2006.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Who were this lot?
  2. Royal Wessex Yeomanry.... why?
  3. Keeps the Army in the Public Eye (KAPE) to an audience of 350,000 at a very low man power cost. Small amounts of recruiting and keeps the retd Generals of Glos happy, I imagine.
  4. It's a complete waste of time. No horse has managed to successfully volley the shuttlecock, never mind passing the whole trial.

    Honestly, it makes me so depressed just thinking about it.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Very scruffy. It is possible to look smart in CS 95 with a bit of effort, some boot polish, and an iron. These guys failed badly.

    And a couple of officers trying to pose in SD by the water complex who should realise that if you want to try and impress the birds, try either either wearing a uniform that FITS, or eat fewer pies.

    If the idea was to put the Army in the Public Eye (see post above) then this is not the image we want to be seen.

    Sorry to be negative.
  6. If my memory serves me correctly, an RLC Regiment provides the arena personnel for the Horse of the Year Show at the NEC in Octoberr. They look very smart in Boots, C95 Trousers, Navy Blue tracksuit tops with the Regiment Number and RLC on the back, topped off with berets. I don't know how much they enjoyed the work but they were sharp, looked the part and had good leadership. Overall a good advertisement for the RLC and the Army in general.
  7. I hope this thread is wrong, I'm having enough trouble getting fit for the run and if I'm going to have to get over hurdles as well then I'm stuffed!

    They shoot padres don't they;-)?

  8. our Sqn were all v smart.... we tried! N if we weren't completely up to scratch it was cos we'd been totally arsed around the night before, I'd had 1 hrs sleep the night b4 and jack all time to sort kit in the morning. And our officers' kit was smart& fitted..you obviously didn't see everone... we were on the visit ireland quarry, can't remember who was over by the lake.
  9. I have to say that the RWxY personnel I saw at Badminton did look a bit scruffy. I would support the shoe polish comment and although I did not see any officers on the day, there was one Sergeant there who I would RTU if he reported dressed like that for a course!
  10. Sorry, but this sort of nonsense sends exactly 100% of the wrong message.

    1. It gives the impression we have the time and man-power to devote to this sort of thing. RWxY MTD budget flush is it ?

    2. It gives an impression of the Army as still being run by the "County Set" - OK maybe it is but we should not go out of our way to advertise the fact.

    3. It can give an impression of the soldiery as spare "humpers and dumpers". Were they doing the comms, running the stats tent - or just putting poles back in place ?

    4. Of the 350k "audience" - how many were potential recruits ? High quality targetting in action there, I think not.

    Better things to support if we must - Triathlons, Marathons, Football, dirt-bikes . Stuff where we will be seen by blokes aged 18-25. Not events aimed at the middled aged and horsey.

    rant off.
  11. NAIL HEAD!!
    My TA unit do some recruiting events and they are, in my opinion, the worng ones as stated above. They are done because:

    1.These events ask
    2.It requires no thought, just spout "recruiting" as to why you need to go

    Instead of visiting traditional events or events that the old and bold think would be good ask the guys who are in the target age group or the newest recruits in the door. How did they find out about it? What made them join?
  12. I disagree, to be honest, so I'll provide my counterpoints.

    In order to get a budget, the Government must first give a budget. As the government is ruled by public opinion to a greater or lesser degree, it makes sound sense to build up public opinion. It's a whole lot more pro active than sitting back at the TAC bemoaning the lack of recruits and funding.

    The MoD spends a substantial amount of time and resources running around those very same areas that the "country set" live in. If there is one area of the population who deserves our thanks, it's that group of people for continuing to support the MoD and it's training areas. As for advertising the fact that the Army is made up of groups of people who spend a lot of time in the countryside, I don't see how that is a negative in any way.

    The majority of the population would just stare blankly at a comms setup, and probably wonder why we don't just use mobile phones! The majority of equipment no longer looks impressive, it looks archaic. I don't know about you, but a smart soldier mucking in with civilian activities always looks impressive to me. It also helps reinforce that bond that the public have with the armed forces.

    And how many were Ex regs? How many veterans were out there? How many have family in the armed forces? I agree that it's unlikely that any single event will produce a sudden influx of new recruits, but simply being outside/approachable/visible goes a long way to putting the thought in peoples minds to join up.

    I completely agree with your suggestion of other events as well as adventure racing, skiing, rugby, athletics, university open days etc. However you have to agree that a fella who grew up in the countryside who enjoys outdoor pursuits may well be better suited to the green than a city kid who's a good middle distance runner. The army needs allsorts, and needs to be representative of that when they go out into the public to recruit.

    It was the armys presence at such events that provided my initial contact with recruiting, and I'd probably have seen the process of joining up a whole lot more formidable if it haven't been for that. I realise that's not true of many people who join up, but I'm certain it's true of some.
  14. That's because this is a specified weekend for the Regiment each year, just as other Units provide cover for Ten Tors etc. RWxY has supported this event for decades, C Sqn "The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars" when previosuly a Regiment in it's own right having previously been commanded by the Duke of Beaufort upon who's land this annual event is organised.

    RWxY is involved in operating comms for the "Tracks & Fields" section, Sector Controls and Stopping Judges and involved in Main Control.

    Oh and yes Yeomanry does mean horses :wink:
  15. Give Dobbin a carrot for me.