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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Tormod, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. I have been thinking of joining the TA, and have been trying to find out which units have an age limit that differs from the one (43 without prior military service) set out in most of the general recruitment material. From looking through the threads on here it was clear that 4 PARA had an (understandably) younger limit, and I have since found out that the RMP has a limit of 34.

    Are there any other units out there that have age limits that differ from the main one? I don't want to bother a recruitment team if I am not eligible.
  2. How old are you? Don't worry about bothering recruiting teams, pick a unit you like the sound of/are close to and give them a ring. It's no problem for them to tell you the requirements.
  3. I've got a question about this as well.
    I'm currently in the Dutch TA,but I will move to Scotland within a month or 2. I've heard about another Dutchman who joined the TA in England. Is it possible for me to join a unit near Edinburgh? My age is 43 now and have done 8 years TA service in the Netherlands so far.
  4. I am on the limit, being 42.
  5. Tormod, shouldnt be a problem unless you are 43 in the next week or so ... pop over and have a chat, you have nothing to lose
  6. I'd double check that one; I'm pretty sure 4 Para take recruits up to 44 with previous military experiance. Check their website or PM The Duke.

    As far as I know, it's 44 with previous military service for most TA Units. The exceptions are SF Reserve and RMP.

    RMR is 28(standing by to be corrected)while RNR and RAFR recruit up to 55 with PME.

    Good luck.
  7. RMP - 243 Provost Company (Volunteers), 5 Regiment Royal Military Police
    207 (City of Glasgow) Battery D Troop, 105th Regiment Royal Artillery
    15 Company Rifle Platoon, The Parachute Regiment
    61 (City of Edinburgh) Signal Squadron, 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment - Royal Corps of Signals
    A Company, 52nd Lowland, 6th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    230 Transport Squadron, The Scottish Transport Regiment - Royal Logistics Corps
  8. Two units of CVHQ Royal Signals (LIAG & LICSG) will take people up to (and including) the age of 45.

    They do require specialist IT skills however and details can be found here:

    CVHQ - British Army Website
  9. Bugger off! We don't need your free loving, drug smoking antics infiltrating our Army sonny Jim!!
  10. Many thanks for all the advice. It is much appreciated. Now I just have to work out which unit to go for! Central London has a fair few, as has North Kent...
  11. Not forgetting 153 Field Company, 102 Bn REME in Grangemouth.
  12. Sorry Cloggie. The DPM looks a lot like ours but unless you are a Brit or a close cousin its No-Go. Any chance Granny had a fling with a para at Arnhem ??

    Nationality and residency - British Army Website

    On the other hand it might be possible to organise some sort of exchange ? I know of folk who have trained with the Aussies and been paid by MoD on receipt of confirmation from the Aussie unit - but that was just for a year long visit.

  13. Saladin I may be mistaken but there was a chap from Thailand cutting about Inverness last Summer. Could be mistaken though.
  14. Check the website. You need to be a British Subject, commonwealth or Irish citizen. You can become a British subject by naturalisation etc after ? years so maybe thats how the Thai guy got in - came to the UK as a kid ?

    Cloggies ? Lets just remember the last time a Cloggie arrived here with an Army (1688 ) and look at all the nonsense that started.... :-(
  15. I'm close to the limit myself (42, hit 43 in December). As I understand it the limit's 43 on attesting, so I would need to get a move on in any case. For planning purposes, what's the typical time between turning up at the door of the TAC for the first time for a chat, and attesting. Presumably it's a case of getting paperwork, medicals and assessment weekend all completed, or is there flexibility in the order of events?