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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    There seems to be a awful lot in the press right now about the regs being under-strength, but no-one seems to have reported the problems the TA are facing...

    Specifically the desperate shortage of Young Officers.

  2. Totally agree MSR

    with the New Regiment that i transferred to last year, we turned up on regimental weekends to find that our squadron was by far the best turned out sqaudron in the regiment in fact id go as far to say that we had as much from our sqaudron 30+ troops turn up to the than sometimes as much as the rest of the Sqaudrons put together.

    & from that we got amalgamated into another Saudron & went to a troop with the same amount still turning up, had about 35+ on parade 2 week ago
  3. Was it covered in that NAO report that was published last week?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    No, that only looked at the regulars. There was one aobut the TA a few months ago.

  5. I'm sitting here ready willing and able to help out my specialist unit but i cannot do so untill i have completed CMSR which will be in July next year. I signed up over two months ago and my unit is desperate for people with my skills.

    I enquired about officer training but i'm too old at 41. I could however become a junior NCO which they tell me would take around three years assuming the course dates work out favourably.

    Not sure how relevant this is to the title of this thread but perhaps it gives some idea of how long it takes to get people through the system.
  6. Got a link?
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. Even in my few years in the TA i must have seen 20+ people turn up keen as f**k then bugger off after a few weeks of waiting around for an army number and kit to be issued.

    I think boredom is the biggest loss to the TA, not fitness requirments or fear of being mobilised.

    Rather than standing around doing bullsh*t get these guys running around like nutcases doing well rehearsed lessons (weapons handling, drill) not sitting around the TAC being treated like their wrapped up in cotten wool for fear of scaring them off.

    For example, when i joined i expected to be shouted at, beasted to f**k and taught skills and drills, the reality was me and the other recruits sitting around waiting for someone to take us for a lesson which would consist of the JNCO taking it talking to us like bezza mates and feeling totally isolated from the other members of the unit who were at least getting to do the fun stuff at weekends whilst we were still waiting to be attested or have our kit issued.
  9. The TA may find it easier to recruit more Young Officers if they were more pro-active about it. I was interested in joining TA units in the North West as an officer and the response was pretty poor, telephones often unanswered, web queries never replied to whilst at the same time, other reserve forces were doing everything they could - so that's who I am joining.

    In my humble opinion all it takes is prompt reply, compress as much of the application process into one single visit shortly after initial contact and Bob's you uncle.
  10. TA admin is and always be totally shite!
  11. Not seen a lot of figures but numbers in TA Sigs is on upward spiral (all around 80% strength), however some TA Infantry sub units are supposed to be around 40% strength and will be shut down
  12. Just for contrast, I went from online enquiry to application form on my doorstep in three days; application sent to medical and attestation date in three weeks; and attestation to first training course (with kit issue) in four weeks.

    Every email I have sent has been answered promptly (within 2 days) by an AO, or, if he/she didn't know, one of the Recruiting or Training Majors.

    I have had a good experience thus far.

  13. The TA should place a more of an emphasis on advertising and recruiting pre-Uni students. Although the majority are chavs/druggies/politically left there is a sizeable amount of students that would be particularly interested and motivated in joining the TA and probably thought they couldnt due to a number of myths/assumptions. What I reckon is a particularly good idea especially with the amounts of students taking them is a TA 'Gap Year' consisting of 6 months training then 6 months Operation/FTRS after which the person would go to Uni and probably stay in the unit rather than them going to the OTC. 4 Para has pursued this resulting in actual comptetition for places.
  14. But in terms of recruiting Officers, do 17/18 year olds make good leaders?
  15. Isn't that what the TCB/RCB was created for?