Ta turning down colour blind?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by james3469, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi i recently applied to be a CMT for 234 field hospital, they have failed me on the medical for colour blindness, my colour vision is fine and it rarely bothers me.why is this such a big problem.im going to the optician to get a second opinion a an actual level, i think CMT have to CP3 or below

    anyway know of anything or can give any advice

  2. As far as I know it is a no. What happens when you are doing a section attack and the signal to switch fire is a red flare?? You end up having to ask what colour it was, and you might miss the green flare that was the reorg signal etc etc.
  3. hi

    colour blindness does not work like that, its mixture of colour, i am fine with colours on their own.

    what positions in the ta for colour blinds???
    any know

  4. Dunno mate, I got in! (Dont tell any one!) Nearly got busted though..
    "Oi cheat, can u get that red folder"

    I think it could be a case that your unit/ MO is being a bit of a nob. Ask to do the lantern test if you'r dead set on joining.

    T C
  5. The_cheat? are you colour blind??
    what do you do, TA?
  6. I am indeed. Dont think I did an eye test... If I did I dont remember it....
    And Im a CMT in Field Hospital pal, I think thats where you were headed right?

    T C
  7. ^ No mate you got me wrong, I was refering to our man James.
  8. im glad i found a colour blind medic, what level of colour blindness are you,can you private message me with your name and email, just so i have my own second opinion.


  9. certain infantry units will take you with slightly duff eyesight.

    for example on my medical the mo said to me look at the different colours

    Response: what colours

    i eventually managed to tell the difference and passed

    MO last words: that was very close to failiure there
  10. The requirement varies by arm and also, in some cases, by rank

    For example, you can't be a field gunner if colourblind, although you can be a Gunner officer.

    As I recall, the requirements are based on what you might need to do. Gunners need to be able to tell colours without fail as shells are colour coded by type.

    Other trades might be open to you. If needs be, ask at the Army Careers office, They should have a list of what you can do and what you cannot.