TA troops 'too poorly trained to make up for Army cuts’

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, May 26, 2012.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    TA troops 'too poorly trained to make up for Army cuts’ - Telegraph

    There was only just enough time to train them to use a medium machinegun, with no realistic possibility that they will have time to learn how to handle a heavy machinegun, he added.

    An MoD review of the TA last year found it was in “serious decline in terms of numbers, capability and morale”.
    The force had only 20,000 trained soldiers, out of a requirement of 37,000, and the number of personnel who were “active” was as low as 14,000.
    “Current forecasts see the TA ageing and reducing to potentially unsustainable levels by 2015,” the report concluded.
  2. And these revelations are surprising how?

    While I do not support or condone leaks and see that the quotes listed in the article lack context, I particularly agree with this:

    "The commander said
  3. "Reservists are supposed to dedicate one day a week and about 20 weekends a year."

    WTF? Since when?

    Well-researched journalism durch.
  4. Does a TA bloke really need to know how to use a HMG? If he knows how to utilise a GPMG (for example) the HMG is just he big brother.

    Ensure the basics are correctly and thoroughly taught, and the rest can follow as and when.

    The TA isn't a replacement for a regular soldier. They get a lot less time to train, so should we expect the same breadth of knowledge? Note, I said knowledge width, not standards.
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  5. An MoD spokesman said: “The Army will be restructured to a total strength of 120,000 personnel by 2020, of which 30,000 will be trained reserves. We are investing £1.8 billion over 10 years to enhance the capability and strength of the reserves and better integrate them with the regular component.”

    Doesn't happen overnight msr.
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  6. Too small.

    You need at least 3 TA blokes to man every 'regular' spot. Pref more.

    Ie if you want to have an 80,000 man regular component with a 30,000 TA then expect to be able to draw on no more than 10,000 of thsoe TAs (barring outright war and a full call up). That is taking in to accout that many of those on the books within the TA are still undergoing training and 'maturing' in to a useable product.
  7. In other news:

    The Pope is revealed to be a Catholic.
    A new study reports that bears do, in fact, shit in the woods.
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  8. Last time a thread was started about a Telegraph article on the TA we were here for months.

    Yes the TA is in a sh1t state. However as OOTS will soon be along to remind us this is due to years of neglect from full timers. And this time it is the full timers who will need to take responsibility for sorting it out.

    Personally the thought of a regular soldier losing his job due to my hobby sickens me. However the direction has been set some time ago.

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    HMG is not the big brother of GPMG you can get away with GPMG drills on the LMG at a push. HMG is totally different.
  10. Oh GOD, Baldrick.

    What is the TA? What is their role? Do they understand their role? Does the government know what their role is?

    I am out of date now, but I served with a TA unit as PSI. We had, in our Sqn a very good core of well trained, highly motivated blokes. Unfortunately they were the Chief Clerk, SQMS, SSM, some of the troop commanders, the OC, 2i/c, a couple of very good troop Sgts and the odd Cpl who knew what he was about.

    The rest of the blokes changed like the wind.

    So what was in it for the blokes on the ground floor? Come in a couple of times a week. have a parade and get fucked around for a couple of hours. Restrictions on vehicle use, fuel and so on meant that blokes were being trained at the drill hall all the time. By the same Sgt(s) on the same subjects. The Sgts used to get pissed off with doing the same stuff for different blokes week in and week out.

    I used to get pissed off booking courses (loads of bloody courses) for blokes who just didn't turn up for them.

    I hope things have changed because to be honest it was soul destroying.

    In my day, the best the TA could offer was a core of blokes who could train conscripts in the event of a call up. And it was a shame because some of our TA blokes were of the best quality. But the TA then, wasn't really a force to be reckoned with.
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  11. Which is why I said utilise rather than use. Ie, once you've got the basics of how to employ a belt fed, automatic weapon capable of sustained firing is it really neccesary to know how to use a HMG until you are about to use one for real?
  12. The ratio of 3-1 (of which I generally agree) would only be important if the vast majority of the army and it's reserve was to deploy. If not then you would think deployable forces would get the chance to train together under operational conditions; at which point those who prove to be unsafe to deploy could be filtered off for back filling purposes. Training would still go on, it did for the Falklands, The Balkans, Sierra Leon & all gulf ops & Afghanistan.
  13. This again. Forget Herrick, forget going on tour. Massive use of junior TA personnel (and drafts from other Regular units) for individual reinforcement to understrength Regular units was an expedient that somehow became the norm. It was and is unsustainable and put real strain on the TA as well as the Regular Army.

    We're out of the sustained expeditionary warfare game for the foreseeable, certainly until after 2020. The future lies in a very few high-readiness units, a rather larger number of medium-readiness units and a large number of low-readiness units, the latter designed to flesh out and stand up only in the event of national mobilisation. The sort of levels of skill required for the last role are low and those units will probably find themselves challenged to produce interesting and attractive training for their soldiers, given the very low scales of training stores which I suspect will be available. Look for lots of phys and cheap AT. At least the TA should be spared the Trailer of Knowledge, although looking after all those panzers in light pres is likely to be a bit dull, come to think of it.
  14. And this is surprising how exactly? As OOTS is fond of saying (and I wholeheartedly agree with him) you get the TYA that you deserve i.e if the Regulars neglect it, then they cannot be surprised at what happens; quite frankly, it amazes me that anybody bothers to turn in for Tuesday nights and weekends, let alone camp...
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  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Exactly what I've been saying for years. We need a smaller high-readiness regular army and a bigger low-readiness reserve which can be mobilised and worked up if a big threat appears. Using the TA to paper over cracks in the regular orbat was a waste of time and money.