TA troops on Telic.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 30, 2003.

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  1. Auntie Stella fuelled and general dark mutterings re. How TA troops are currently being used removed.

    On sober reflection, I realise of course, that a TA soldier is the absolute bottom of the heap, and we get what we are given, hitch our braces and soldier on.

    Apologies for alcohol fuelled teddy throwing, re. How my oppos and others may or may not be being currently treated , and I should realise, that of course, we don't have a say , and any gash jobs we are always first in line to get dicked with, are simply the way the cookie crumbles.

    Soldier On.
  2. So, what you trying to say PTP??
  3. Yeah, don't beat about the bush.

    You just say exactly what's on your mind
  4. More ranting edited :oops:
  5. Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.

    Get the sod, PTP.
  6. So, let me just get this absolutely straight - you and this guy didn't exchange Xmas cards this year?
  7. OK, PTP = TA = shite job.

    That to me seems like a fair one. PTP, if you'd shown 100% commitment by enlisting full time then you'd be doing the 'hiring and firing'. Cant complain when Mr Mainwaring tells the flatfooted types to jump.

    Can't be a stupid boy Pike forever? :lol:

    There is a pecking order and if, however unfortunate, you are at the bottom, then thats the way it has been/is/will always be.

    Sorry to be the Anti-Santa and bring you the bad news of yet another box of socks/tank tops/undercrackers.

    As TA, did you think you would get the 'take out the Scud/Republican guard/Anti air craft positions' tasks?

    Just my mixed up opinions you understand. :wink:
  8. And another thing.

    How long has the TA had the philosophy that they are merely BCR? Cold War indoctrination, cosy wary ideal down the local or Dads Army for the never never?
    Scheme of manoeuvre today sees the TA as a very active member of the Armed forces. If you want to be a Gareth from 'The Office' then do us all a favour and poke it. If however you wish to support the Forces, stop bitching and play the game.

    Tell me I'm wrong if you signed a binding contract to play your part to help Lizzie?

    If you were confused by the legal mumbojumbo then grab your kit, hand it back in and sign out your dungerees and dress off with the other Guardian readers who listen to the bollocks thats been fed to the populus regarding how horrid we are towards the ethnic fruitbats who kick off.

    Diplomaticaly as always,
    The Lord (who gives a fcuk) Flasheart.
  9. Comments read and noted Flash, and my original post removed/edited, on the grounds that blowing steam in here, ain't going to change anything.

  10. just one little point.
    my brothers unit of 16 some of whom volunteered For afganistan are all totally peeded off and handing there kit in when they get home :cry:
    So they won't be around again and you can guess a whole load more blokes will go er 6 months stagging on hardly much of an adventure lets go windsurfing at weekends instead :lol:. plus if some asks them whats the Ta like one long whine comes out. Sorry treat stabs like shit they won't come back for another tour and probably tell everyone else too.
    As theres not much chance of a sudden rush of new recruits pissing bods off so much they leave is bad man management
  11. You can bitch about the TA as much as you like - but they are the only thing standing stopping the Regs being permanently on operational tours.

    What's the percentage of TA in Iraq now ? - 38% was the last figure I saw. Take them away, how are all you Regs going to cope ? Fancy even more time away from home to compensate ?

    If you don't, then why not manage the TA in a professional and competent manner so that they will come back for another tour so you can get some time in UK with the family.

    Let's be realistic here, the Army isn't getting any bigger as the money's not there, the general public doesn't really care, and the only friends you've got in civvy street are the TA. Scary thought eh.
  12. Flash

    The TA are now a pretty important part of the Army. There is no real doubt about it, regardless of what you may think.

    If TA bods get sent out to work with the Regs and the person in charge cannot be arrsed to give them near decent jobs, they will come back, hand kit in and future recruitment will suffer. That means the Regs will suffer.

    The guys mentioned in the original post where ex- Hereford gun club regulars; if they cannot be given proper /reasonable jobs, the unit Head Shed need to wake up and smell the coffee - or maybe they did not want to be shown up by mere STABs?

    You should also remember that in GW2, entire formed TA units went. In your own words, "The TA are a very active member of the Armed forces."

    It would be nice if everyone thought like that.

    The TA are here to stay, Get used to it.
  13. Bravo, I know, that was my point.

    You may have seen my post as yet another STAB bash. It wasn't.

    PTP, I wasn't aiming this at you mate. :wink:
  14. Well, at least one STAB knows his place. Now, the rest of you cowboys read and digest.
  15. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Unlike you ARABS we have a life, a civvy job and can mostly pick and choose when, where and how long we want to do a tour for. We get paid more and have more leave. TA's for winners, not whiners i.e. ARABS.