TA - Travel Money

Just been informed by admin staff that 52p is being taken off my travel allowance every time I attend TA training - something to do with HDT. This is on top of TEA being removed from the TA.

Has anyone else heard of this?
Yes, public/personal contribution or something or other. Bit of a shitter really.

However, why not ask about the season ticket option? Might work out cheaper, not sure - I've been trying to avoid looking at this contribution stuff ;d
You should find you have paid a contribution of 1 mile each way on your travel since 1 Apr - the contribution from 1 Aug is 50p not 52p as the rates have all changed!!
I assume you travel by bus or train?? It sounds like your HR admin are following the guide on how to do home to duty travel for TA from 1 Aug 07 by the letter - the powers that be have written the guides based on the old rates - you may need to have a word.
It used to be the case that certain groups paid a contribution and others didn't, after a challenge the contribution for those in public accom was stopped altogether whilst a review took place. This was then re-introduced for all on the advent of JPA - the powers that be obviously saw the chance to claim this off TA pers as well and took it with both hands.
It could have been worse though, it was decided that the TA entitlement would be to HDT (public) rather than HDT (private) although all TA live in private accom of some sort - if you were paid private you would pay a contribution of 9 miles each way which in a lot of cases would wipe out the entitlement altogether - you never know this may well be on the cards!!
The entitlement to HDT has been removed from NRPS altogether apart from those in london (luckily I was already in receipt so retain mine until Dec 2010 but then lose £200 ish per month!!) so you never know where the next cut will hit!

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