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Can any one help me with this please.

I currently travel 210 miles (round trip) to/from my unit, for which i can reclaim 8,000 miles per year RPOD( this is, i'm told the max amount possible).

My problem is that i have already reached my limit of 8,000 miles, but i am still expected to turn up for parade nights etc without being able to reclaim my travel expenses.

Is it true that the 8,000 mile figure is the limit or is it possible for my unit to apply for the limit to be extended ?

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Your unit can apply further up the CoC for you to be allowed to exceed the maximum of 8,000 miles. In order for you to exceed this your unit must apply via the Budgetary chain to the Regional Brigade. (TA Regs 7.294 refers) If this is not allowed, then sorry, tell em to poke it. I guess you are with a specialist unit.

Normally (being an ex-RAOWO of TA Unit) the unit knows who's anticipated journeys will exceed the maximum 8,000 before the financial year starts and then they apply en-mass at the start which gives the budgetary chain better sight of forthcoming expenditure. There is nothing in TA Regs that says it has to be done b4 the start of the new financial year.

So in answer to your question, yes they can apply through the Regional Brigade to go over the 8,000 mile maximum.

Hope this helps.



Thanks very much, that is a great help and just the answer i was looking for.

Cheers mate and have a good christmas, i will now !
Sometimes it will also depend on the job you're doing, and why you have to travel to that particular unit to do it.

People working in RHQ are a good example, where the job and the rank only exist in that place.
At the end of the day, its night time and on the other hand I have four fingers and a thumb.

Yes it does, but the rules still state auth must be sought from regional bde to exceed 8000 miles. I take it buges you are with a specialist unit?

Buges, you may be interested to note that as you travel over 100 miles each way, your unit must have sought authority from Dist/Div as per TA Regs, Annex B to Chptr 7 (Available on ArmyNet in the AEL), unless you are in certain Scottish units ie:

32 Signal Regt
205 Fd Hosp
3 BW
3 Highlanders
7/8 Argyll
Scottish Transport Regiment

From my calculations you have already completed 38 journeys. How many days have you used up? Are you with Specialist or Independant Unit?


Just a plan old infantier with a twist ( the mind boogles), but lets just say " theres not many of us about !

Im not sure if my unit sought auth or not, i surpose that they must have, i was asked to transfer and as far as im concerned they should foot the bill and not move the goal posts !

Last pay slip showed 25 in camp days and 52 out of camp.

I shall quote your TA Regs reference to them and suggest that they sort it out and back date it.

I really do thank you for all your help.

The reason for asking was to make sure you got your bounty.

Any probs, PM me.
I will do, thanks for that.

should have no probs with the bounty, i think its safe to say " its already in the bank" ( well come next April )

You have done a lot of training. You must be with independant unit. still, 52 is alot.

wot is ur post?

if u dont mind me asking

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