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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by timpegasus, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know the process for transferring from one TA unit to another same capbadge etc ?Is it a case of inniating paperwork at my current unit?

    Have already spoke to unit I want to go to they are happy etc.
  2. Ask for an interview with your current O.C if he's in agrement then initiate the paperwork.

    Your current O.C signs saying he/she approves then it’s sent to your future unit for them to sign saying then wish to accept you. They then send it off to records for action. Mine took three week however I did transfer to a different cap badge located in the same TAC.

    You need to keep your COC on board, If your transfer due to re-location there shouldnt be any issues.
  3. I'll second that - halfway across the country but keeping the same capbadge - no problems, and Glasgow were actually surprisingly quick about the transfer. The only problem that I had was of my own making - I'd already moved by the time I initiated the transfer, and it was a pain in the arrse getting my belt kit and bergan back to North Wales from the Home Counties...
  4. cheers all!
  5. Do be aware that even within same battalions, QMs are quite **** about who's kit is who's.

    You will be required to pull your webbing apart and hand it in, only to be issued a new set in the next place. Why on earth 1 QM can't just send a set to the other and save you ruining a set you've spent years getting right, I just do not know.

    I had to get custom-order CBRN overboots at Coy 1. Then hand them in to get thrown away, only to have to order them again at Coy 2. And wait another 6 months.

    I picked up a 2nd hand set on eBay for £20 and handed that in.

    Clothing issue, on the other hand, stays with you.
  6. Your current unit will complete an AFE7547 Applcation to transfer Part a-c, your OC will sign it at Part C. Your new unit then fills out Part D and sends it to MS Reserves at APC specifying the date they want you to transfer across. APC then move you. It can be done in under a week if your unit's admin is in order.
  7. TimP - don't forget to tell your old OC exactly what you think of him and his sub-unit. Use phrases like "your child-like appreciation of the demands of command", "no way to run a knocking shop" and "a complete cluster-fcuk" ought to break the ice, convey your appreciation of his efforts and ensure you part on the right terms.

    Similarly when reporting to your new gaffer, make yourself comfy in a chair in his office to show that you have "fitted in" from the "get-go", ask him which of the wives and girlfriends might be up for a little "extra-curricular activity" and express your fervent hope that you won't have to waste two and a half years trying to knock him and his CofC into some kind of shape. Like your last OC he will appreciate your bluff, hail-fellow-well-met, attitude.
  8. Ah-ha! That's were i've been going wrong all these years!
  9. Chaps, there's no need for a transfer to be sent to APC now - and hasn't for about three years.

    Anyone with Career Manager (ie the RAWO) and the right security profile (easily applied for on TAS003) can transfer a TA soldier anywhere they want to. I'm amazed at the amount of units still doing it the old, slow, way..Once the paperwork is filled in its a five min job on JPA
  10. That little nugget, and the suspicion of bored malice, explains an awful lot!
  11. Here's one for you all. I'm hoping to transfer from another Reserve Service to the TA (haven't decided exactly what unit yet, still got one or two more to visit). I have requested the transfer form from my unit who have decided to ignore my request. I imagine this is a retention strategy! I'm told as I want to transfer that I have to initiate it via my unit. Can anyone PM me the correct form? I'm told it's a JPA form.
    I was given the TA transfer between units form but it won't suffice unfortunately.

    Many thanks.
  12. You need to complete a JPA L001 for transfers between services. PM me your email and I will provide you with one.
  13. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The role on JPA allowing you to conduct inter-unit transfers should have been removed by SPVA, don't let your Bde SPS team catch you doing it, CoC is there for a reason (mostly to slow down effective admin I presume). All 7547s should go via MS Reserves for approval.
  14. JD150: PM sent
  15. Career Manager Role removed? Doubt it, especially since it's one of the parts on the AORI - "is career manager allocated to..." etc etc. Anyway it was the Bde SPS team that told us to do it and approved the TAS03 adding the correct security profile to do precisely that! MS Reserves washed their hands at TA Transfers pretty soon after JPA came in saying it was a unit responsibility now.

    You may of course be right, however the only direction we have ever had on this is go go go and don't ever bother us again from our MS Res desk agent.