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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ParaTrooper123, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. ParaTrooper123

    ParaTrooper123 Swinger

    If I joined the 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment and passed phase 1 and 2 training, could I transfer to the regular infantry without doing phase 1 and 2 again?
  2. JonnoJonno

    JonnoJonno Crow

  3. jonathon

    jonathon Clanker

    good answer
  4. Voltiguer

    Voltiguer War Hero

    If you wanted to spend time 'as a regular' whilst TA you could do FTRS? Maybe not 100% what you were after but could be worth a look for you.
  5. ParaTrooper123

    ParaTrooper123 Swinger

    Whats FTRS?
  6. Voltiguer

    Voltiguer War Hero

    Full time reserve service - service as a territorial, but fulltime with a reg unit
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Funny answers, because several, probably many years ago, it was perfectly possibly to transfer across with or without some your rank, or all of it. I think possibly ParaTrooper15 based in Grantham trying to join a reg Inf unit whilst just completing TA phases 1&2 might piXX of a few folks...
  8. brecon_billy

    brecon_billy Old-Salt

    A few of my mates after a tour transferred across to our Regular Btn with no problems at all. The paperwork took a couple of months to sort out but there was no need for them to redo Phase 1 or CIC again. One of them even retained his rank.
  9. JonnoJonno

    JonnoJonno Crow

    After a successful tour yes. I wonder if that is still likely to occur now there are fewer difficulties in regular recruiting?