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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rossco_25, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Could anyone give me a breakdown on what happens during basic training weekends and the 2 week camp for the infantry.
  2. If you call or go down to your local infantry TAC they will be able to tell you everything you need to know about training for that particular unit.
  3. As has been said it changes and there also seems to be some variations in exact content between TACs.

    My experience is as follows;

    Part 1A / TAFS (2 weekends) - basically death by powerpoint, Drill and PT, not the most thrilling time but all that stuff that needs to be got out the way to keep the H&S/admin bods happy

    Part 1B (4 weekends, or 8-10 days) - Skill at arms, map reading, PT, CBRN, First Aid, Fieldcraft and night in field. My understanding is that its the old "training gap" kind of stuff moved prior to your 2 week course so that your better prepared.

    Part 1C (2 weeks) - The main 2 week course at a training establishment finishing with Pass-out
  4. ^Then it's onto you trade training, usually 9 days if Signals but prior to that you will have to do a BSS course usually 1 w/end.
  5. Infantry complete 7 Weekends on 1B, first four with All Arms and remaining three as Pre Training prior to the Infantry 1C at ITC Catterick
  6. Add on another 3 weekends Part 1B Infantry doing ranges & more fieldcraft and that about covers it prior to CIC which builds on the training received at RTC

    See..nothing exciting!!
  7. Damn you Bladrick, evidently you type faster than me!!!!