TA Training,

I have looked at the TA portal, and google, and all state that once you have passed selection you are then recommended onto phase 1 training, after being attested.

However, it was mentioned to me, and I will be finding out more next week, but does anyone know of any weekends you do before starting P1 please.

Cheers for your help!
Where are you based? It has been a long time from your interviews to ADSC. I assume this is due to concerns over your RG8.
In Scotland you will go through a series of weekends at the Regional Training Centre (called TSC(A)) the amount varies depending on your arm or service prior to going on to a Phase 1 training establishment (TSC(B)). This does not however seem to be the case with all units in England.
Reason for the delay was moving from regs application to TA. Based in Kent
I assume your Unit has now given you a date for taking your Oath? I would suggest asking the Senior recruiter for some answers. It is best practice for TA recruits to receive some training in the fundamentals of Soldiering prior to undertaking what constitutes "Basic".
The "Trained Soldiers Course (A)" and "Trained Soldiers Course (B)- "Basic" are the beginnings of your chosen TA Career. The Alpha Course is the one normally conducted at a Regional Training Centre and instructs soldiers of All Arms in the most fundamental aspects of soldiering, whilst the Bravo Course (Basic) is conducted at an Army Training Regiment(ATR) with the same staff that instruct on the Regular Courses instructing.

I hope this gives you some info but would still suggest you ask the unit to give you the answers they should have done at the Interview stages.
Cheers for that, I am going to contact them before next week when I have my oath.
In my region at least (49 Bde)... Prior to Phase 1 your unit is supposed to give you basic training on things like badges of rank, basic admin, putting your webbing together etc. However the current guidelines on this are very vague. The RTCs have recently piped up saying that they don't have time to teach all this basic stuff on weekend one of P1 so want you to know it before hand.

This bit of training will be known as 'Phase 0'. However the RTCs are yet to dictate exactly what P0 is supposed to include so to answer your question, yes you should get some training before P1 but it is currently up to your unit to decide how to give it to you.
That sounds about right, thanks a lot.
Its just ALPHA and BRAVO, not Basic.

These are the two elements that make up TA phase 1 training i.e at the end out TSC(A) and TSC(B) you have a trained soldier ready to start their trade training.

The Infantry are slightly different as they conduct TSC(Inf) instead of TSC(B) prior to attending Catterick CIC(TA), which at the end we still don't technically have a trained soldeier :)

With regards to pre training there are laid down requirements that the RRTT teams at you Battalion are more than aware of, these include off the top of my head Badges of Rank, Uniform, webbing some E&D etc. However its done to various levels by different units.

However because the training of TA is done badly I wouldn't worry too much, just concentrate on fitness everthing else will just happen.
As the fellas above say, the basics are a grounding, but concentrate on fitness and make it a regular commitment, your core soldiering skills will improve with time as long as you put in the weekends (and the effort) and perhaps an operational tour in your chosen field.
I am looking to go in the Saxon's challenge. Should be fun.

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