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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by squigeypie, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. heard last night that the cuts are gonna hit the TA hard over the next 2 training years. all live firing cancelled the MATTS requirement is level 3, so just WHT to do. as for the rest of MATTS all cancelled to cut backs. exceptions are BCDT and 2 PFTs all the rest shelved for coming 12 months ( not sure about MATT6 or WIPS this wasnt mentioned). drill nights are now called activity evenings and there must be structured training, no-one can/will be paid for any kind of admin either on a weekend or evening, 50 MTD max for everyone no exceptions and they have to be used in planned unit training. non of the 50 days can be used for pax coming in for ECI activities, prep for exercises, prep for mess events, GD men for funtions remembrance day rehersals,etc.. or admin of any kind. no-one can do a 2 week course and camp, one or the other, though weekend BSTT type courses will still go a head. no money for recruiting all our planned recruiting events shelved......interesting times hey.
  2. Odd as I'm on the ranges this weekend and recruiting the weekend after! Must not have made it's way over to us yet.
  3. watch and shoot!

    though it might just be 'watch' in the coming months

    each Bde have to save something daft like 1.6 million, yours might want to do bring and buy sales or bob a job week to keep you on the range
  4. Plus being Infantry and about to deploy to BATUS I'd imagine our upcoming range packages and armoured conversion aren't something we want to cancel :D
  5. msr

    msr LE

    1) MATT level 3 is the bounty requirement for this trg year, you can train to a higher standard - bearing in mind MATTS are the minimum standard. MATT6 remains extant.

    2) There are more MTDs available for certain people.

    3) There are a few restrictions on what the MTDs can be used for: ECI prep is not specifically excluded.

    4) There is no rational explanation for all recruiting events being cancelled

    Sounds like someone in your unit does not understand the difference between Mandatory and Discretionary.

  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Or maybe squidgypie has only read the instruction marked "Restricted - NAAFI and shithouse rumour only" rather than the full instructions. The only vaguely truthful comment in your rant is the target cap of 50 MTDs per man.

    Also, try searching the numerous threads in the TA forum covering exactly the same issue.
  7. well it came from the Psao last night, from london dist, and we had a range that were booked for next week binned and ammo withdrawn, the matts wkd is still on but ive had to move into the DSST or what ever its called i cant remember how to turn it on, has anyone got any user notes i can use? its been about 3-4 years since ive been in one. all this after i spent sunday night writing a admin inst and rasp

    this rant pretty recent as the range was still on, on sunday so looking at old threads which ive already seen isnt worthwhile
  8. DCCT?
  9. thats the one got any user notes?
  10. I'm a mere young Pte unfortunately, other than an LMG set to a belt with 9999 rds on the night ambush scenario is exceptionally fun there isn't a great deal else I know about it!
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    We are admincon LONDIST and not doing any of that. We lost our next planned range due to a higher priority training requirement on the OPTAG ranges, but everything else is still in place and we are just looking for new range availability for LFTT.

    Seeing as your unit appears to be jacking, perhaps we can take over all of your bookings? :D
  12. well when is your next drill night? tonight? i would wait untill you go in. as my last came from cmdr londist..apparently
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Last night - long chat with the CO as well.

    Remember, all pigs are equal....
  14. London medical unit, that rumour was about last night but no one could verify it, esp training dept. As it is, it would be very hard for us as we seem to be deploying both in bulk and as individuals and level 3, reduced training etc would be worse than usless. Would need a link or PDF of a letter/signal in orderto believe it.
  15. I don't really understand?

    If all these cuts DO happen then surely the TA will not be the TA anymore?

    It will be the Cadets!

    Potential recruits will be put off joining and established soldiers will end up leaving by the dozen because all work and no play blah, blah!

    I am beginning to feel really let down by it all and I am ONLY just on the verge of being attested!

    What are the priorities going to be?

    Surely the Infantry will be TOP of the list and should be the very last to get cut back on training etc. as they are always in big demand for deployment?

    Sheesh, how bad must a nation's finances be when it cannot fund it's armed forces?

    (Now would be a good time for Argentina to try and snatch back the Falklands!)