TA training.


Quick question really:
1, how long does it take from application to passing out as a TA soldier before joining unit?
All ideas will be a great help. :D
I suppose it depends on which unit you join and when they run certain weekends you have to attend prior to basic training. If you miss a weekend you have to wait for it to come round again. I would say 3 - 6 months based on my old unit, of course this will vary.


I had my RSC in August 08, First Weekend in November and am scheduled to pass out early June. That's fitting the courses and weekends around work. Then onto Trade training.

There were some young guys with no commitments on the Phase 1B 9 day course and they were going straight to Phas 1C within a couple of weeks.

Seems it can be as quick as you can make it.


The reason i was asking fellas is that i want to get it all done, signed and sealed and out the way so i can get a new skill/ trade so i can leave my absolutely boring s**** ( but well paid) job.Thinking about joining rlc as a driver/comms specialist. Cheers for the help fellas.

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