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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Praetorian, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Ok, because the powers that be seem to think of a new name for everything these days, can someone provide a definitive account of what recruit training entails? Do TAFS even exist any more? :?

    So far I know:



  2. TAFS is no called something the lines of 1 Alpha 1, 1 Alpha 2, 1 Alpha 3 etc depending on how many weekends make up TAFS for your unit.

    After that it's all a blur to me. Sorry :-(
  3. You will/should attend:

    a TAFS 1 weekend, now called 1A Part 1.
    a TAFS 2 weekend, now called 1A Part 2.
    then either 4 or 7 weekends at your local RTC or similar, depending on capbadge. (infantry do 7 weekends, OAAS do 4!) This is now called 1B.
    Then either two week CMSR(TA) or CIC again capbadge dependant, now called 1C!!!!!!!

    Hope this clarifies matters
  4. TAFS = Phase 1 A (Part 1 and 2 like sadsacks says)
    Regional Training jobby = Phase 1 B
    CMSR = Phase 1 C
    Trade stuff = Phase 2

    So says my joining instructions... lol.
  5. Yep, MikeL's got it right. Have a gold star.

    Infact, take 2 gold stars, you get an extra one for reading the joining instructions.

    Carry on like this, and you'll be top recruit.