TA Training - Is this what I can expect?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brandy, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Dear All

    I have just come back from a TA induction weekend and I have to say what a complete disappointment it was. I thought I was joining a professional organisation. :lol:
    On the Saturday we spent two hours doing something which we had already done on the selection weekend, there was no explaination about all the kit we had been issued.
    We were told we would be shown how to iron and present out unifroms properly, but that didn't happen and the corporals who were part of the so called "Training Team" had little interest in training us, unless it was in the form of a dull powerpoint presentation.
    There was bad communication between the COs and the NCOs. The lads had been told something which us girls had heard nothing about and when we asked our corporal about it she knew nothing about it either and had to go away and ask.
    In summary, it was a badly organised, boring, waste of time.
    The best bit for me was the 1.5mile run, because I love PT.

    Please tell me it is going to get better!!!!

  2. It does sound a bit naff - as it was an 'induction' weekend you can't use it to judge how 'training' weekends will go. Unless bad organisation/communication continue ... enjoy!.
  3. Induction to me sounds like paperwork and organisation. Was this an admin weekend as opposed to a recruit module training weekend?

    So glad you like running Brandy, hope you feel the same when you've got half a house on your back in November on SENTA :twisted:

    If you don't think the weekend offered you as much as you thought it would, have you tried asking for an interview with the RRTT SNCO?

    If there are any problems, they would like to know, it helps with recruit retention etc.
  4. It can very much depend on the unit you join, some are definitely better then others with recruit training!!
  5. This sort of thing is why I only did six months in the TA. The last straw was when I was shouted at for not ironing my uniform the first time I wore it (I had of course - although obviously not to the required standard) by some stupid corporal with a power complex. When she asked if I had ironmed it and I said yes she practically called me a liar which I personally find extremely offensive. If we had been shown how to iron the unifom it would have helped! This followed months of waiting around to learn something at training nights which was very frustrating. I hoped the TA had improved since then. I was over thirty when i joined and I guess a 17-18 year old may find this sort of thing easier to deal with but surely the TA should value the different experiences each person can bring to it.
  6. Brandy

    you might want to look at another unit...some are very well trained and you will get lots out of your time..as the old saying goes, you get out what you put in...yes I know that should go in the naff army phrases...and yes I was on a training team !!...oh bugger.

    seriously look into it you will find lots more to be offerd than complete Boll.
  7. Dear Pongo

    It was supposed to be an introduction into military life!!! :lol:
    We did some admin, had a blood test etc, which was fair enough. Expected a bit of admin.
    What got me was they they didn't cover the basics i.e how to dress yourself properly so when we were on parade on Sunday morning they complained cos we weren't properly attired, but they hadn't even told us how our uniform should look. Luckily (?), there was a girl in my team who was ex-OTC so she could tell us a bit, but she had the lion's share while the "Training Team" just pissed off somewhere. Recruit support was minimal.
    I would class it as a recruit training module myself.

    Half a house on my back? Sounds good to me :D , but I am bit strange.

    I thought by joining an MI unit,the people would be intelligent and organised :lol: , but it seemed that most were just out for themselves.
    I only joined MI because my local unit was too difficult to get to. Maybe I should have gone there instead and found some way around it.

  8. Not a good advertisment for potential recruits. Training should be structured, instrs should be capable and enthusiastic, and you should go away with a sence of achievement. If after a few more weekends you are still not happy you need to make a choice. I would say something to your SPSI and see what happens, after all if it isn't working and others feel the same as you it will need fixing. If he has got anything about him he will mention it to the Trg Maj and he will look into it. Recruiting and retention is key to the future of the TA, let's face it, if you walk out the door, your unit has missed a trick. You sound keen, so give it a while longer, keep up the fitness trg and good luck.
  9. Brandy if you are interested in looking at what is to offer across the board, and you live/work in London there is an open day in London in early May, you will get to see all the units and what they have to offer.
    May be worth a visit.
  10. Brandy

    Stick with it love all Military life is strange for the first few weeks including within the regular Army.
  11. Old but true saying."Miltary Intelligence is a contradiction in terms".
    Brandy's experience over the weekend highlights one of the perennial problems with TA recruiting/recruit training.You must put your best people on it(you know the ones you need for everything else under the sun ) otherwise you get the second-rate wasters or worse still the power-crazed f*ckwitts who destroy all your work in getting people to come in the door in the first place.
  12. Thanks for that Brandy.

    Stick with it, the team that were there on the day may have been fast-balled , as the usual team may have been away on Brigade SAAM or suchlike.

    If it happens again on the next W/E , jump up and down. In the interim , press your uniform, shine your boots , and remind yourself that it will all be back to normal after Crowborough.

    Good luck :D
  13. Brandy - can you name the unit you are with so that you can be directed to a better one?
  15. Hmmm. Just dashed back to my wardrobe, and have tried all the possible dress combinations avaliable with 1xCS95 trousers, 1xT-Shirt, 1xCS95 shirt, 1xBeret, 1xBelt, and 1xBoots, pair of.

    I quite agree with you Brandy, utter nightmare. First of all I tried wearing the trousers on the upper half of my body, with my head sticking through the flies - that was a non starter. Then I tried to punch two holes through my beret so I could stick my legs through, and wear it like some kind of nappy, but the chafing was incredible. Wearing my boots on my hands didn't work either, because they kept falling off unless I did them up really tight, and once I'd done up one it was impossible to do the other one, and though it did occur to me to use the CS95 shirt as a sarong, it was a bit 'draughty' when I tied the sleeves behind my back....

    Thank God a personable CSgt took me aside when I had to put this stuff on for the first time, or I've no doubt I'd still be walking around wearing my belt around my chest.

    Honestly. How. Difficult. Can. It. Be? Anyone back me up here?

    Loss to the Army? Not massive, I suspect. Dry your eyes.