TA Trades for ex-reg - perhaps commision...HELP!

Right, my problem is that I am considering leaving the regs (albeit the MPGS) and settling into civvy life doing a job which pays money and not buttons.

I would love to stay with the Army, mind you, and the TA is alongside doing voluntary youth work in the ACF (I haven´t decided which and it totally depends as to where I get a decent job).

Whilst in the Army first time round, I was in the ordnance corps as a sup spec (class1) and also trained as a dvr rad-op (class2), as a soldier in the MPGS my trade is obviously that of a security soldier.....(shudders slightly).

Would my trade qualifications be worth anything? Enhanced promotion or worthless (yes, obviously if I chose those trades again, that I do appreciate). I think that is something to consider if there would be enhanced promotion as the pay goes up.

Now to the other option of looking at applying for a TA commision - Do the TA look at the recruit only as the person who comes in or does previous service count (Exemplary discharge)?

I have used the search facility and not really found what I have been looking for and the official sites are a bit of NOT WORKING again.... must be budget cuts ;)

At present, I am doing a modern language degree with the open uni and, if I would be able to join as an officer) would be interested in using those abilities learned.

Thanks for any serious replies and for those with patronism.... happy new year :twisted:
I don't know what the rules are about leaving the MPGS to join the TA. The first key consideration is your current age, your description of your past career indicates you have quite a bit of time in (RAOC) in which case you may be a bit long in the tooth for joining the TA.

Although the MPGS is part of the AGC you are serving on home service only conditions, similar to NRPS, so the usual transition from regular to TA may not apply directly. MCM div would be the best place to get the deffinitive (sp?) answer to this question.

Supposing for a minute that it does not allow you the same privileges as an ex reg coming directly to the TA then what rank/trade skill recognition you get will depend on how long it is since you left the Regs first time (your words).

If it does allow you the same privilleges then depending on what cap badge you join you should be able to keep your current rank (although this is more difficult the higher you are as there are fewer LSNs to squeeze you into) and just because you keep your rank won't mean you leap straight into a command appointment, particularly if you join a technical corps where you would be expected to get yourself qualified to the same level as your TA contemporaries before you could progress.

Hope that doesn't sound too negative, Uncle Humph's top tip is decide where you are settling in civ div, then look at what options are available to you TA wise, then contact TA MCM Div and ask for the party line, once you are armed with that info you can speak to the TA unit that interests you and will have some answers to the questions that they will no doubt be asking themselves as your particular circumstances are not the norm and will probably lead to some head scratching at best.
Your previous regular experience could still be valid (I'd guess it would but I don't know about the trades in the RLC). By going for a commission do you mean LE or DE?
If its LE I'm sure your local RLC would try to get you in as a WO2/SSgt (presuming thats roughly the rank you held previously)

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