TA Trade courses (R Signals)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bobbit, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how long the courses are for Fibre and Cat5e. And also if they are done at Blandford.???
  2. If you are a TA soldier then the chances of you getting on these courses are none....and unless I am wrong, i don't believe they run a whole course devoted to Cat5e. This is undertaken on your tech class three course nowadays, and on structured cabling on class one. If you are a TA soldier I would reccomend going to see your PSI(T) or SPSI and asking them before posing that question on this forum my friend.
  3. personally i think he just wants a week in blandford big timing it .................... i may be wrong but i doubt it ......... seen this far to much .........
  4. not trying to "BIG TIME" anything, just want to know about the courses as I was informed that I would require these qualifications for the level of work that my squadron do.
  5. I only know of one TA Sqn needing those skills and you need them to get in. Although I could see situations where an in-house solution would be useful in my unit
  6. Big timing ? on the back of a cat5e and fibre course ?

    Not in this decade, maybe in the 80's

    Why are some people such cnuts on this forum ?

    Different people do different jobs, get over it.

    Bobbit, I hope you get your course.
  7. see that bloke that bloke in the ron hills walking around with a permanent dark cloud above his head, you probably know him as your PSI, you could try asking him for information
  8. Echo'd, let us know if you get the course. I don't think my unit would loose people to DII now.