TA Tours

I was wondering, apart from TELIC/HERRICK, is there any chance of getting on other tours, such as those in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia etc?

Was just pondering, thats all!


tiger stacker said:
herrick is the main one these days unless you try a ftrs with a reg unit
How would you know?
you were a laughin stock of every unit you went on tour with...Fat Wan@er

...at the end of March, a small number of troops will remain for a limited period. Their role will be to facilitate a smooth transition to the new EUFOR structure. Defence Estates Overseas Division have, at the request of PJHQ, assumed full responsibility for the dismantling, closure, and handback of the UK base in Banja Luka..


the best one I saw on Part 2s (not my drill hall - doing a theory test) was for a years attachment to the sorting office in Mill Hill! :lol:

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