TA to the regulars

How easy is it to go from the TA to the regs?

I have just been attested and am currently going through recruit training. I find I'm loving everything I'm doing with the unit and could really see myself going into a full time career.

Does anyone know the processes in place to go from TA to regs?
Be nice Ronnie he's only just joined!!

As far as I'm aware you have to start from scratch if you haven't been in the TA for long (I don't know what the cut off would be)...there were several ex-TA in basic training with me, although that was 12 years ago...I would be surprised if anything has changed..

##edit## P.S. Ronnie is right though, if you have a look through the TA forum there are a few other discussions on this topic...
Personally mate if you want to join the regs then do it now before you get too into your TA carrear (spelling?). I joined to decide wether or not I would enjoy army life, as I wanted to join the regs at the time. 4 1/2 years, a mortgage, a mariage and various loans later I now can't afford to. It's easily done as a few of the other guys will testify.

If you've only just been attested you'll know little to sod all aswell which, in my opinion, is a good basis to go to basic with.

Good luck either way.

Or do a stint using FTRS, my advice would be to speak to your PSI about it.

If you fancy in a few months trot on down your local office and sign up and complete the full regular Basic training, the full biffta so to speak!

You'll know during training if it's what you want or you may have to wait for a while doing all you TA commitment just to get up to the minimum standard for such a move.

Plus some may think your using the back door entry method 8O .

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