TA to serve in reg battalions?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Purple_Emperor, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Full article here: Scotsman article

    The start of FAS/OAR?
  2. Next couple of weeks eh?

    I wonder who the spokesman was speaking on behalf of?

    We've been here before - TA recruits being leant on at ACIOs to join the regulars and young/ungifted applicants being sent to the TA to 'toughen them up' before returning to try for the regs. Result - we waste time kitting out and training recruits who then leave after a couple of months to go reg and we end up with the dross
  3. Did anyone else interpret this along the lines of 'time's up - my turn with the INIBA plates'.

    I had heard of this plan some months ago. I think that the original idea was to make the path from civvy > TA > Regular work in reverse too. This would have some merit in allowing a degree of welfare flexibility in that a regular soldier who needs to take time to sort out personal affairs like the impending death of a relative can elect to spend some time in a TA role or even leave for a short period. However, I think that current manning levels mean that it may not work as originally proposed. There are bound to be controls put in place to prevent a sudden exodus before a possibly unpleasant tour so it may turn in to a one way street. I haven't seen any concrete details so these are just suppositions.
  5. This idea was mentioned on a surprisingly sunny day almost two years ago on a hill where the training was paused so the visiting head honcho of the TA ( don't know his name, probably changed by now, below the duke) etc could lay this all out to us and let us know where our futures lay.

    The idea was that there could be a revolving door policy, much like Sticky mentioned, so if a TA bod wanted to be a full time soldier for a year they could and then come back out. Also if a Reg wanted to take time out due to family or the such they could go to the TA and then come back (career progression though?). It sounded sensible at the time but then again we were all fresh into the green kit and didn't know any better.

    He did answer my silly question about what regiment the lion was for though... :D
  6. In other words, they're finally implementing the recommendations of the Betts Report? It all sounds strangely familiar...
  7. Yes, they can and I have three at my TAC now but I have never seen anyone over the rank of LCpl. I think the new approach aims to make it simpler to achieve. The danger is all the best ones go regular and the TA centres become dumping grounds for welfare cases (and anyone who has visited the driver pool at LWC knows what that means).
  8. In actual fact this already happens, although only for Professionally Qualified Officers (PQO's), and in some ways is absolutely essential for career progression.

    Take medical staff. The PQO course TA is two weeks long, and the Regular course is 4. This makes it easier for the bods the army want to switch from Reg to TA and vice versa with little additional training required. For medical staff the need to get back into the NHS is very important as believe it or not there is a degree of skills fade for doctors in the Army. With no decent hospitals the docs cannot practice their skills as frequently.

    Perhaps IGTA was alluding to that, and perhaps they were thinking of expanding that process out to the TA.
  9. I would assume they wanted to expand it through out silver as the audience being spoken to were most definately not PQOs.
  10. If the position you are refering to is that of the DIGTA, Then, I believe thatthe post has indeed changed hands. However, the change gave the Signwriters little to do as the new incumbant had the same name as the old!!!! only requiring a change of initial.

    Then again I may be wrong!
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was offered a stint as a PS driver or storeman by a worried WO2 who knew I wanted out of the regs and didnt want the hassle of a marriage followed by a move from Omagh to Berlin. Good of him but OC was a CNUT of the highest order so I paid up and walked away! Pity as he sadi it would have helped us both sort out a few things, her career and me staying green. as it happened options for change would have shown me the door but sadly a bit too late for the career I eventually started!
    I'm sure some of the welfare cases dumped would have been reasonably genuine and a way of aiding retention and possibly opening their eyes to the TA as a future hobby!
  12. I wonder who the spokesman was speaking on behalf of?

    Sorry I thought we were Spare Time, Part Time has Pensions, Sick and Holiday pay
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Gentlemen (and Laydees) of the TA, please be assured that this is not in any way an attack on the TA and the way they operate.

    Indeed it is completely the opposite. What will happen in a few years time is that there will be no Regular soldiers. All will be Full Time Reservists to be used as an when the Guvment wants. In between, the 'Not required today' soldiers can be signed off until they are required. This will cut down on pensions, having to keep expensive and such well appointed barracks. Kit can be swapped between those needed and those not - another saving.

    Regulars - be scared - be very scared.
  14. I would quite welcome Sappers from the TA coming to work in the Regiment, even if it was for their summer camp. It would help give a better understanding, both ways of how Regular and TA can work together with better integration. I have worked with plenty of TA Engrs and found most of them very proffesional and commited to the job. I am not sure that i would want to be a Sapper all week and then go and be a Truck driver for example for the weekend then repeat the process for the next week. I met a great bunch of people whose jobs were very diverse and varied, even met a very senior Tax inspector who was able to sort out some tax problems for me and even filled out the paper work.

    If this is to happen the the members of the TA that come to the Unit shouldn't be just put into the Guardroom to stag on, they should be treated like the rest of the Troops and hopefully given some quality training.

    If Regular Troops get the chance to 'swap' a job with someone from the TA then their Training should reflect their skills and help train and bring updated methods, to what i sometimes noticed was out of date training of the TA.

    I will now standby for incoming.