Is it possible to transfer from the TA to the RNR without losing your accumulated bounty?

And does anyone know if it is possible to be in the RNR and URNU at the same time? As in my TA unit we had an OCdt from the OTC, and this might be a useful bit of student income, as well as setting me up for a regular RN career after...

Yes to the bounty question

Why would you want to be in both? The only advantage I can think of is the amount of nav training you would get from the P2000s.

Feel free to PM me if you want more detailed info.


If I'm going to uni and then the navy, then surely best to get all the insight I can?

URNU because it gives me a shot at officer and its set up for students.
RNR because it makes sense to transfer from the TA, and I'll definitely need the pay and bounty!

Although the only place I think both are together is Cardiff - I can't believe Devonport nor Portsmouth haven't got RNR and URNUs!
the UOTC bloke you saw was probally a TASO (TA sponsored officer), thease are members of the OTC who are paid and supported by a local TA unit. They also train with that TA unit to varying levels (depentant on unit and degree course).
Not sure if the RNR run a simular scheme, i suspect not- i ask the lass in the room beneth me shes URNU.
You can be both in the RNR and the URNU, simply because all URNU midshipmen and training officers are List 7 RNR. But you cannot be in two lists of the RNR at the same time - you have to be in one or the other. Are you an officer or other rank?
Just re-read your post. You cannot have two ranks / a rank and a rate in the naval service. It just doesn't work. The only overlap I can think of is if you were a midshipman or sub-lieutenant and were a member of one but turned up to the other on a voluntary basis. No chance of that as a rating, so you should just choose one or the other. URNU bounties are capped now, but your time should count if you move back to the reserves.

If you want to be a naval officer, have you tried applying for a bursary or university cadetship? That way you get paid while you are at university.
if you seriously wish to be a commissioned regular Naval Officer, and want to do it the stereotypical way...join the URNU. You will also get helpful advice, and possible training in order to help you pass the AIB.Certainly the adv trg jollies, 'expeds', and other bollox will go down very well at AIB. Less so at Dartmouth, especially if you precede every sentence with " when i was in the URNU..."

The nav training alone is worth joining the URNU, and will help you a great deal when trying to master this art if you ever get to BRNC. You will not receive any nav training of value as a RNR rating until much further down the line, if ever.

It also helps when trying to join the URNU, if you have massive breasts and are not above making it clear that you really, REALLY want to join and will be very accommodating if selected.

On the other hand, if you join the RNR, you MUST do so as a rating, unless you have either been a regular officer previously, or you have passed AIB prior to joining in which case you will join as a Midshipman, or Acing Sub-Lieutenant depending on age.

You have the right to apply for a Reserve Commission at any time, but you will only be seriously considered once trained...say a year, and that INCLUDES your two week stint at Raleigh.

The best course of action is to apply to the AIB, applying for the bursary. If you get it you are laughing and WILL join the URNU, or if you dont...you may still pass AIB, and either be offered a place at Dartmouth straight away, or if you desperately wish to study at University, you can use your AIB pass to great effect in the RNR.

I personally know several people who did this, and then continued on to a regular career as a Royal Naval Officer.

In the URNU, you are an honorary Midshipman. Do NOT expect to paid compliments by any regular personnel.


Thanks all. URNU seems to be the way to go then. Although getting in some training with the RNR wouldn't hurt I imagine, anybody know if you still get paid or fulfil bounty commitments this way?

I have passed my AIB, in Feb, however obviously not in BRNC yet and going to go through the process again in Jan. Guess theres not much point to a quick dash to my nearest RNR to try and get officer training now! I'd be MOST glad to get to BRNC but recently been thinking about getting a degree first, hence the URNU/RNR interest.

Anybody here from HMS Express or Cambria, or is a Cardiff student?

I was in the URNU, and loved it. Ended up going to RMAS though, much to the genuine disgust of my then CO. Nobody took it too seriously, and the secondments to proper ships (as opposed to small plastic patrol ships) were real eye-openers.
With your AIB pass you should speak to HMS Cambria's XO and ask him/her what they can do. I have heard about RNR unit's doing this in the past as a training exercise, and I have also heard about URNU middies going into Reserve units during the summer. That is about the limit of interchange between them.

Some unit's are probably a lot closer, Newcastle, since they are co-located in the same building.


I think Cambria and Express are pretty close to each other, and to Cardiff too. The thing about speaking to them now is, by the time I actually get down there, I will have already been to AIB again (pass only valid for 1 year so I'm off to Gosport soon!), but I suppose it'd be the way forward if I get through it again and get to uni. Does anyone who has been through the AIB trying for a bursary know how competitive it is, what the pass rate is like? I went for Naval college entry last time.


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