TA to RNR Transfer?

Hi all,

I've been trying to no avail to clarify a few things with regards to inter-service transfers. Specifically, whether they still exist in the reserve forces.

I currently serve in the TA and for numerous reasons of practicality would like to join my local RNR unit.

So far I have been told that I would have to quit the TA and rejoin as a new entrant in the RNR.

A search of the forums mentioned that it was possible to transfer into the RNR using JPA form L001, thereby saving a lot of time and effort doing medicals, security vetting and waiting around for former service documents. I am clearly in favour of the transfer option to keep my continuity of service, but was told by an unsure recruiting bod at the RNR that the scheme was scrapped?

Can anyone please shed any light on this?
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