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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by LukeeyEtho, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question...

    how do yuou transfer from the TA to the reg's ?

    any info on this would be really helpfull,

  2. You have to options.

    1. You go through reg basic like every other civvie (recommended)
    2. You do an FTRS and hope they ask you to transfer over if you’re good enough (no guarantee that will happen)
  3. i know quite a few that have gone TA to Reg, all but one said that they did basic and the one who didnt regreted it, it was more a pi55 take thing from his colleagues whn he got to his unit.

    I also know of a chap who was TA Capt did several hot and sandy tours and transferred his commission - he didnt regret it but then again he was a bit older to be doing sandhurts
  4. Best thing to do is go through basic training, as already said. Speak to your PSI.
  5. Basic training at my age? They should simply say 'a man of your undoubted ability can transfer at rank and with the x factor - we'll just allocate married quarters and your pension,.,,,,,,'
  6. What they will say is - "OPTAG starts Monday, get down the quarties now for your dessies...."
  7. I've been thinking about joining the regulars too, I've just passed phase one, but have yet to do my CIC (which is sheduled for November)

    What do people reccomend - That I do CIC for a bit more experience/feel for life in the infantry first, (even if I re-do all the training anyway) or transfer beforehand?
  8. Do it to see if it's for you, lots of people leave early on CIC for one reason or another.

    You might find out you hate the infantry.
  9. Humm, would love to transfare to the regs, too old for me thou at 38 :(
  10. Any idea how i would go about doing this, been sworn in etc phase 1 kinda done but got chance to go basic with the regs in jan thro the normal application process that i started in febuary (was deffered a while), I was told i had to finish my training and i signed on for 12 years, and if i wanted to leave to give 3 months notice. Now if i go in tomorrow and ask about this will i just get kicked out or allowed to stay continuing with drill nights at RT weekends until i start with the regs?

    Cheers Cal
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Just tell them you are going reg in Jan and your unit will process you accordingly. There is no reason why you should not still train with your TA unit until you go regular.

  12. So if a TA soldier does 3 tours in the stan, bags a few terries, kicks ass etc, is he a civvy in your eyes?
  13. There is an interesting thread on this subject on the Armynet forum, might be worth a gander. Having said that i guess its only useful for those who have an armynet accout...