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wehappyfew said:
2 1/2 years between posts. Hell of a bump for the thread, particularly given that you have single figure posts after 6 years. You clearly think a lot before you post.

He has copied and pasted the same post with the same spelling mistakes in it into seemingly every thread about officer recruiting!

I don't think much of his website by the way. Doesn't seem to have any proof to his claims of being a member of the AOSB staff. Probably an ex-clerk who used to sort the paperwork and send out the letters trying to make some cash on the outside.

Heaven forbid he did have something to do with selecting our future officers!
The answer today in 2010 is that anyone who commissions in the TA no longer has to redo AOSB as they are exactly the same and the pass says its a pass to either a TA or Regular commission. (I think it only mentions the TA if you are in the TA already but I stand to be corrected)

However, it is not possible to transfer over to the regulars without doing regular RMAS course. You have to resign your commission and then recommission at the end of regular RMAS. There was a brief mention that it might be possible in a very very special and rare circumstances were you a high ranking TA officer ie Lt Col going into a special role to avoid RMAS. Also if you fail regular RMAS you are not allowed back into the TA as an officer. [My source for this is one of the senior staff from the TA wing at RMAS].

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