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Discussion in 'Officers' started by gun-bunny, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. hi, does anyone know if i become a TA officer before i graduate from uni, can i transfer to a regular officer even though i will be 29 when i graduate (above the age for entry to Sandhurst)? Also is there anything i can do to improve my chances of going to Sandhurst after graduation? I'm already a member of the UOTC.
  2. No, No and No
  3. Someone asked this question at my Main Board, and the answer is that if you become a TA officer, although you do a short stint at RMAS you can't then convert it into a Regular Officer, you would need to do RMAS full course.

    The upper age limit for entry to the army as an Officer is 29, but it isn't set in stone. Apparently professionally qualified and specialist (although I'm not sure what is meant by specialist) entrants have a higher limit.
  4. I've often encountered this provision before, but have had difficulty in nailing down what it actually means - "professionally qualified and specialist" covers a lot of ground. For instance, suppose one passed/passes RCB/AOSB prior to hitting the upper age limit, but for whatever reason is unable to take up a place at the RMAS until after turning 29?* Also, does the 'age waiver' provision come into play?

    *it seems that the upper age limit for RMAS entry was pared back to 28 about 3/4 months ago.
  5. What's the "age waiver" provision?
  6. Will PM you about this later.
  7. Professionally qualified - Doctor, Vet, Dentist, Chaplain, Lawyers (?) in other words PQOs (professionally qualified officers) who are on a different pay scale and promotion timetable due to their "unique" status. As for specialist, maybe you could transfer as a Bomb Disposal officer or something - can't think of what covers specialist otherwise.

    Army-Hopeful is right about tranfering though - do TA AOSB and RMAS, you would then need to do Reg RMAS to convert. Special cases used to exist, but they got a bit funny about people using it as a back door/short cut to entry.
  8. doing the full RMAS course is fine, but what i'm really needing to know is will i be able to do it just above the age limit at 29 if i'm already a TA officer?
  9. The answer? Possibly, depends on you, what you bring to the party etc.

    Seriously, ask your AFCO/ACIO, they will be able to find out for sure!
  10. PQOs are Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Chaplains, Physiotherapists (I believe), Vets and Lawyers. As correctly stated, they are on a different pay and promotion scales to officers of other cap-badges. It is not possible for PQOs to transfer to other cap-badges.

    You'd need to ask your careers officer (or your UOTC perminant staff) about whether or not you could start the (regular) commissioning course after your 29th birthday. I dare say that it would not make the slightest difference if you were a TA officer at that stage. You will still have to pass the regular AOSB in order to be loaded onto the regular commissioning course, whether you are a TA officer or not.
  11. DCI Army 63 of 2003 lays out the policies of people transfering from TA to Regular Service
  12. brave-coward, on the AOSB point, he would not actually have to do it again. The reason the board changed from RCB (Regular Commissions Board) to AOSB (Army Officer Selection Board) was to bring the selection procedure in line across the board.

    Once you have passed AOSB, that applies to TA or Regular entry.

    But he would have to do the full Sandhurst term.
  13. SHE, gun-bunny is a she. but thanks for the advice
  14. I stand corrected, I'm of the old RCB generation.
  15. G-B

    I know of Offrs who have transferred from TA to Reg without going through RMAS again. It is worth checking the DCI laid out by Hantslad.