Ta to regular?

Can anyone give any info regarding joining from Ta to regular? not long out of my recruit training with Ta and currently in engineer regiment. Thought about going for it long haul and wanna know what's involved? Do I have to start right at the start of phase 1 again? Is there a limit to how long I can wait before I join? most importAnt is RE recruiting ?
Since you haven't done a tour or been in long enough to earn rank, you should assume to have to start day 1, week 1 of training for the regs.
To keep the system happy, you may even have to do selection and take another oath. Sounds daft, but again, that's just to keep the system happy and running smoothly.

Speak to your AFCO/ACIO.
You have to do the whole selection process from the start and also have your COs permission from the start.....you need to do BARB and Medical again and also need a 203 Special enlistment doing. There has been rumours it may all get tied into one.however i have known some applicants who have done a tour in Iraq/Afghan who have then failed the selection process for Regular.......there is also some TA out on tour who manage to get alternative offers to go Regular whilst in sandy climates.

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