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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Carl_Sims, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I am just in the process of joining the TA. It's mercian regiment.

    I am married with kids and 28 years old. I just have a quick question. After a year or so after i'm fully trained member of mercian regiment TA would it be possible for me to transfer as a regular soldier in the mercian regiment or would I have to start from scratch and do the training at caterick?

    The reason i ask is that my job finishes in a year or two and was considering joining as a regular. But if i'm already trained in the TA would I still have to do the training of a regular soldier?

  2. You'll have to do training again.

    TA training isn't as in depth and regular. There just isn't the time.
  3. OH is entirely right that TA mil training isn't as complete - and for the reason he gives.

    However there are ways to sidestep the process, probably not significant if you are just joining up. If you mobilise on ops or whatever (mount?) on to FTRS and impress the unit you are serving with, then they can support you to transfer reg and you'll skip quite a lot of the bull and go in at your current rank rather than restart from zero.

    Honestly, I can't see that being done that for you (or anyone else) as a private soldier - but then again, I am often wrong.
  4. So you could go on ops with your unit, fight and do the same job when you're out there but if you want to be a regular you would have to do basic training at ccterick withpeople who have no experience?
  5. Basically yes, after you've done PDT. Why would you think otherwise? Do you honestly believe you're trained to the same standard after a 2 week CIC than a regular doing 24 weeks?

    Stop looking for the easy option. You want to be a regular soldier? Then go regular and do ALL the regular, full length training.
  6. Then how come they let you go to war if you're not trained to the right standard?

    are TA guys considered inferior by the regulars?
  7. 99% of the time you'll deploy as an individual with a regular unit. Before you go you'll carry out Pre Deployment Training with the regular unit. If you're doing a 6 month tour you'll join your unit 6 months before you deploy.

    You're not looked on as inferior, merely not as well trained - hence the reason you'll be with the unit months before your boots touch down in foreign fields.
  8. There seem to be more TA going out now as formed units. My Bn have 120 out there at the moment. I don't think they've been dotted around as individuals. Agreed that they'll still be working up on Pre deployment Training.
  9. You do carry out the whole process again if you apply while not deployed to go for Regular service from the TA. However what you do as regards training once through ADSC is up to Glasgows discretion.
    The way to attempt a straight TA to Regular transfer is while on Operations with the unit you wish to move into, initiate the transfer during the operation through the unit RCMO or RAO (reports from the OC and CO you are deployed with, backing up the request are also a requirement).
    If its accepted (Glasgow again) you will simply move from TA TACOS to Regular TACOS on JPA, while in theatre and return to blighty as a Regular.
    PM me if you require any further information regarding this.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Spot on answer. A lot of TA units deply as formed units but vary rarely for full on ground holding Infantry roles, at least initailly. I know that a platoon of the Londons ended up working within a manoeuvre company,but it is my understanding that it was not guaranteed before the tour and they "earnt the right" in theatre by a strong performance in other tasks.

    In terms of the transfer directly across, it is possible but by no means guaranteed. You would need to do the tour, do well, and then they may offer to take you on to an S Type engagement or directly onto a regular contract.

    This entirely depends on the attitude of the CO, RSM, Adjt and the state of the units recruiting and establishment.

    It is possible, but don't bank on it. If you have the time/option - go for full regular training. It is the only guaranteed way to have a full and free run at the career without any whispering of the phrase "back door" at possibly key moments.
  11. I want to do it badly but I have a wife and kids who are very much against it. Maybe it's just one of them things I wasn't meant to do. I'm 28 not 18 after all lol. I should of done it ten years ago. Thanks for the info though guys.
  12. Twenty eight isn't old in the greater scheme of things. A lot of recruits are older these days. Try talking to your lass about it. Job security, pension, healthcare and dental are good starters for 10.
  13. Put it this way, if you manage to get attached to a regular battalion you will always be known as a stab - operational tours or not.
    However,if you decided to put yourself through the full 24 weeks at Catterick like everyone else,I think you will find life in the battalion a hell of a lot easier for you.
    Look at training as a challenge,with your passing out parade at the end of training as your ultimate goal. One of the most proudest days in my life was my passing out parade. It's a pinnacle moment in any soldiers career,something our TA brothers have never experienced.
    Being 28 shouldn't be a problem, we had a a couple ofguys in their late 20's and one ex TA guy aged 30 during my training, and the training team looked towards them as the more responisble members of the platoon,one of them even was awarded "Best Recruit" at the end. ( the TA guy jacked it half way though)
  14. Recruiting Group Instructions
    Chapter 7

    11.271. Those who wish to transfer to the Regular Army (less FTRS). Applications to transfer from the Territorial Army (TA) to the Regular Army are not uncommon, increasingly so for TA soldiers with recent operational experience (within the last 12 months). The transfer process is relatively easy. Highlighted below is a simple step-by-step guide outlining the transfer process:

    a. Step 1. An individual decides they wish to transfer to the Regular Army. He or she seeks guidance from their Adjutant in the first instance. The Adjutant will provide advice and guidance on the transfer process and also arrange for a letter of recommendation to be written by the Commanding Officer and mustering of medical documents. The individual is also to complete RG 8 Part 1.

    b. Step 2. Individual visits and arranges an interview at their local AFCO/ACIO. Adjutant passes on letter of recommendation and medical documents prior to interview. Individual will be subjected to the standard Army educational and medical entry assessments relating to the Regiment or Corps they wish to join (this may be different to the unit in which they are currently serving). RG 8 and medical documents forwarded to ADSC for screening (without confirmation of capbadge ADSC will probably be unwilling to process Applicant). Providing he or she pass the entry standards, their application, on an AFB 203, along with the recommendation from the Commanding Officer, will be sent to the APC, CSS DMS MS Occurrences who will then make an offer, in conjunction with the relevant MCM Div (MCM Divs are only interested in trained personnel and would have no interest in untrained TA soldiers), based on the application form and vacancies available.

    c. Step 3. Relevant MCM Div/APC (CSS DMS MS Occurrences) will confirm at what phase of training an individual should enter the Regular Army and at what rank, based on their TA rank and experience (this will happen for TA soldiers with recent operational experience). Previous military training and experience, particularly operational, will obviously be taken into account during this process, to ensure no unnecessary training is demanded from individuals. Where possible a waiver will be provided for Common Military Syllabus (Recruit), i.e. Regular Phase 1 Training, however this will not always be the case and in certain instances individuals may be asked to complete this aspect as a condition.

    d. Step 4. Once accepted, individuals will be discharged from the TA before enlisting, at the local AFCO/ACIO as a Regular Soldier. Any Special-to¬-Arm (STA) training will be determined by the relevant Regiment or Corps he or she decides to join. If individuals remain in the same Regiment or Corps then accreditation may be provided for your previous STA training conducted while in the TA.

    11.272. Those that have left the TA and wish to enlist into the Regular Army. Treated as a new Contact depending on length of time out of the service.

    But as the others have said you are better off doing it the right way.
  15. And housing at very cheap rates too. Financially, the overall package is a LOT better than it looks.