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I know there a couple of threads here about how to go about going from TA to the Regs, but I made this one not to ask the question how to go about it, but basically an appeal to anyone who has done this transition.

I'm just interested to know what your experiences were/are and how you found the changes and settled in?

I joined the TA rather than the Regs as I didn't really want to "Give up" my civvy life. I had quit Uni as it wasn't for me, and I hope/hoped to use my skills as a sound engineer to build that career.
But now it's tilting the other way. I seem to be concentrating more on the TA than any other aspect of my life, and work issues I see as getting in the way of the TA rather than the TA getting into the way of work.

I keep having the odd day when I think "Yeah, go regular" and then the next it's "Leave it a while".
This is probably mainly beacuse I don't know what to expect, and the fact I feel quite at home with my current unit.

Advice certainly wouldn't go amiss on this one, especially if you yourself took the plunge.

Many thanks,


to be honest, i am now in the regs, been for a few months now, had to start day one of phase 1.

in all honestly i found it annoying, the fact that the army gladly took me for an op tour, but as soon as i want to go reg, i had to start again.

before anyone starts, i can see the need for some beat up training, but instead of the whole phase 1, cant a system be set up for ex ta joining up with the amount of people that are doing so?

i just found my place at the ATR would have been better served going to someone else, not having a go, but after doing an op tour and serving at an RTC for a bit was just as annoying, when technically a was just as qualified as the training staff, and its a waste of their time having to watch over you, especially when their are trawls wanting TA members to serve at training depots on a FTRS basis.
I did an S Type engagement with scores of lads. I know of a few who stayed on and are now full time regs. No going back to basic and no stigma for not doing it. They proved themselves during training and on ops and when they asked to stay the battalion jumped at the chance. From the day they went reg they were given the same opportunities and were promoted quite quickly.

Maybe you can get the same opportunity from FTRS?


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Is there a maximum age you can transfer from the TA to the REGS? I'm in the process of applying to the TA after what seems a forever review of my previous medical discharge. I'm only joining the TA as I'm too old (34) to join the regs but I want to get qualified and hopefully all things considered do an operational tour. Would they consider someone who wanted to stay on even though they would be too old to join normally?



I asked the question about transfer from TA to regs of a very grown up type from Glasgow. He is fairly new in post, but he was not aware of any set procedure for transferring from TA to Regs.

In the absence of a defined procedure, it becomes highly subjective. Each individual is assessed on merit after a period of FTRS or mobilised service. The opinions of their OC/Adjt/CO/RSM etc towards transferring in is key. If they like it, great. If they don't, trouble may lie in wait.

There is no hard and fast guaranteed way, other than doing as pxllp did. You MAY be ok transferring across, but don't stake everything on it, particularly at your age.

Good luck.


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Duke thanks for coming back to me with regards to that just seems silly to not have the same age of joining between the 2 parts of the army. In theory I could still do 21 years service and retire at 55. Ho hum, we'll see what happens, I'm still working full time and don't intend to jack it in on the slightest of chances.


I can honestly say that you're not the only person that has thought about transferring from TA to Regs. I ended up going to the recruiting office start the ball round but then had second thoughts about leaving behind my civvie life. I've decided to do a few tours and FTRS placements. In the end if they want me to sign on Regs after FTRS because im good at a certain job then I will. If not then I will go back to my TAC. One way or another I will be soldier. You can take the person out of the army but you can't take the army out of the person.
I went through Chilwell on Monday and they specifically asked if anybody was interested in going Reg and there, at least as far as RTMC is concerned, is an established procedure, the usual large pile of paperwork etc.

As FTRS incomers go through the mill as well (and I don't remember them saying 'but not if you are FTRS' but I wasn't listening too hard), anybody interested may find it useful having a chat with them.

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