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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Scoteh, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Morning all,

    Just looking for a bit more information on the process itself. I have been into my AFCO and spoken to the recruiters there, I got my letter of recommendation from my TA CO and forwarded it to the AFCO who then booked me in for a DCP. However when I turned up for the DCP I was told that I shouldn't of been booked on for it and then was booked on for a BARB test.

    It has been explained to me that after the BARB test I will have to do a 203 interview followed by ADSC. Was hoping that anyone with knowledge of the process could tell me if there is anything else that will need to be done along the way? Also I was curious as to why the recruitment process is longer for those wishing to transfer from TA into Regular than it is for Civvy into Regular, which the AFCO informed me that it would be. And given that I am now a couple of months down the line with this application and have only just been booked for a BARB, I'm inclined to believe.

    I just genuinely don't understand why this is the case and would of thought that the opposite would of been true, for example, as I have already sat a BARB test and surely they must still have those results, and as far as I'm aware the results aren't the sort of thing to drastically change over time. Fitness tests etc I can understand as those are variable factors, but to have to do interviews and such seems to detract from the whole "One Army" malarkey, as to me that suggests that the vetting & assessment process is actually more stringent for TA soldiers looking to go Regular than for civvies wishing to join up.

  2. TA isnt a backdoor into the regs, especially with the demand for places at the minute. The Army can pick and choose the best applicants, irrespective of whether theyre straight off the street or have previous TA service.

    I know for a fact that an officer wishing to "transfer" from TA to regular needs to jump through the same hoops as a civvy then attend and pass the full 44 weeks at Sandhurst and it will likely take longer because they need to resign their TA commission and sign off before signing back on regular.

    Id imagine the same would be true for ORs, only replace Sandhurst with phase 1 and 2. In both cases the individual will also be expected to perform to a higher standard than their peers exactly because they have previous service experience. So yes it is harder going TA to reg than straight off the street, but if you want it youll suck it up and get on with it.
  3. Having re-read my own post it does seem a bit like a whine doesn't it? Not my intention. By no means did I think it would be a backdoor, I was simply curious as to why it would be more complicated a process, it's a bit counterintuitive from my perspective.

    I have no objection to jumping through the hoops, merely that when speaking to recruiters I did wonder why I was told that a civilian applicant would be looking at a roughly 4 month process, but that I could expect to be waiting 6-7 months doing my application. Again, I'm not looking to skip any of the steps, I merely thought that surely the procedures already in place to assess the suitability of one applicant would of been deemed sufficient to assess all applicants.
  4. Is your unit giving you shit about discharging to join the regular army? I'm in the same situation as yourself, however my unit it giving me crap excuses saying it will take three months to discharge.
  5. Actually my unit have been great and have been nothing but helpful, sorry to hear yours aren't being as obliging.

    How have you found communication with your AFCO?
  6. My AFCO have worked well for me a vast percentage of the time. However getting my unit to work for me is getting harder. All they seem to be concerned about is getting my kit off me.

    Can anyone honestly tell me how long it takes to discharge from the TA as the three months my unit says seems ridiculous.