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Hi everyone,

I've been placed on a training course by my employer, which is to last 14 months and results in several certifications (MCITP and CCNP); however, they have only just informed me that if my application to the Army is successful, and I leave within 18 months of the course starting, then I will be subject to paying the full course fees myself, which comes to several thousand pounds.

I signed the papers last week, and received a phone call from my manager today regarding this, so I have yet to inform the ACIO.

So, my only options are either:

1) Join the regular Army and pay back the course fees
2) Join the TA and transfer to the regulars in 18-24 months

I really need some advice on how easy it is to transfer from the TA to the regulars (looking at Sys Eng Tech as regular), if this would be the best option and what TA units specialize in IT communications.

Can anyone please help?


It's very easy to transfer.

Royal Signals units specialise in IT / Comms.

My recommendation is that you join your local unit, whatever capbadge it is.

Look to see what your career options are in civvy street after your course, unless money is unimportant to you.

IT Careers are well paid in civvy street. Pay is generally equal across the board in the Army, regardless of what you bring to the party.

You might find a good balance of having a well paid civvy job with an interesting TA Career, for the 'outdoorsy' stuff.
My concern is that a lot of civi IT positions are being offshored.

I think the Army is the last secure career, though I see where you're coming from.

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