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I know this has probably been covered lots. I was a Guardsman for a few years came out in 2000. Never thought about re joining till last year when my best friend stood on a IED in Afghan and died.

I went straight to the recruiting office and was told I was too old I was 31 at the time and they siad I would never get in before my 33rd Birthday. he said my only option was to join the TA and do a sneaky back door transfer. Is this possible? I have re done all the training and CIC. I'd be willing to go through the whole process, so please do not slate me for asking this question. It just seems my age is against me.

I'm deploying on Herrick 16 with 3 RIFLES next year. Is it worth waiting to see if they will let me stay on?
The only way you could possibly get in now due to age (if near as damn it 33 now) is if asked whilst on tour, probably under a S Type engagement. It has been offered to some TA soldiers whilst on tour but I have known some who didnt accept it on tour then tried once back and refused. If i was you wait till mid way through the tour impress out there then ask the question.
You can also try a 203, as well

You can also try a 203, as well

Id like to see what you actually mean by this???
This would be needed at the start of his application if he was under 32 and 11 months at the start of his basic training at ITC along with a letter off his CO (as all TA to Regs need). However he will not get an age waiver on his 203 if over 32:11 so as I said the only way that he may have a chance is whilst out on tour due to his age.
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